Have You Ever Seen The Face Of The Moon?

face of the moon

Moon Phased Not a lot of people have seen the face of the moon. The craters of the moon form an abstract face. Did you know we only see one side of the moon every time? Because we see the same side of the moon is why the face always forms and looks down upon […]

Guacamole Seducer

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This homemade guacamole will entice even the hardest critique. Making this at a gathering will make you the most popular. It is not for the weak willed, you will finish it all. It will have your friends begging for more. But hey, it’s good for ya! Dice up the guacamole 1 cucumber,2 avocados,1 medium tomato,½ […]

Harmoniously Connected – Get Creative

art alexis

The World In Harmony This creative art piece was completed in 3 months time. Was gifted to someone special who deserves love and spreads kindness. Especially through music. Additionally, this piece glows in the night. Incorporating unity throughout the world amongst music. Get creative! Follow us on Instagram @championebymileva and on FaceBook @ChampionebyMileva

Stir The Passion In Iceland

clouds iceland

Passion In Iceland All that has made an impression in one destination. Travel to Iceland and taste its’ pure water and see the greenest of countries. It is a glimpse of heaven. Today’s descriptive traveling will take us into the heavens of Iceland: One of the world’s purest and remarkable sights to see. Glance off, […]

Coconut Meal: Hydrating Mahi

island muse goodies

Talk about eating out of Earth’s hydrating bowls of coconut. Hard to crack, but worth the effort. Coconuts hold your entire dinner and make sure to scoop some coconut with each bite! Lets prepare this delicious coconut meal. Preparing the coconut meal Prepare 3 avocados cut in half lengthwiseScoop some of the inside of avocado […]

Stimulating Food – Mediterranean Goodies

mediterranean goodies post

Talk about eating something that stimulates with color, texture, and bursts of flavor. Enjoy something fresh that enhances. “Friends are the flowers in the garden of life.” Lets prepare this stimulating food! Preparing this Stimulating Food Chop up 1 cucumber,2 tomatoes,½ of onion into slices,1 orange pepper,2 handfuls of arugula,and 5 mushrooms and blend together. […]