Top 6 Tips to Reduce Under Eye Circles Immediately

tree resins and eye bags

Mirror Mirror on the Wall When we look in the mirror and see fatigue, droopy eyes, bags, puffy eyes, it really is a bummer. When you recall how different you look compared to yesterday or in pictures from the past. And even if you get all of the necessary sleep 8+hours, even if you have […]

1 Spoonful a Day 2022 Secret Health Recipe

shilajit anti-aging

Radiate from the inside out using these very important ingredients. Just 1 spoonful a day can change your life! No stomach pain, no side effects, and no long-term unknown health risks. 3,000 year old “tar” will heal your body. As we age past 30 we begin to lose our energy. This mineral can erase plaque […]

#1 Tree Story of all Time, Super Important

Tree Resin Story

There is a great parable called “The Giving Tree” which are values Champïone follows religiously. Once there was a tree….and she loved a little boy.And everyday the boy would come and he would gather her leavesand make them into crownsand play king of the forest.He would climb up her trunkand swing from her branchesand eat apples.And […]