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#1 Tree Bark Diet for Clean Gut and Radiant Skin

tree bark diet

This Tree Bark Diet is life changing! Trees are so powerful. Tree bark, tree resins, tree saps, and cedar nuts, are our main ingredient in our skincare and internal wellbeing. What we use to heal the skin topically is what will heal our internal wellness: Our Gut and our Skin Radiance. Before the manifestation of […]

Self Discipline and Our Beauty: Increase by 37.5%

self discipline and beauty

Napolean Hill said in his book “The Master Key to Riches” is Have Self Discipline. Like cultivating a garden, building self-esteem and our radiance involves consistent effort. The training I lead my clients through take approximately a half hour a day, more or less, over a 125-day period. Is this investment worth it? When we […]

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