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Don’t Skip Breakfast, Do This Instead…

Optimal Breakfast: Yogurt Goodness for Health & Powe

Yogurt Goodness

Don't skip breakfast, it is one of the most important meals of the day! There’s an ancient saying that went something like this.

"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a peasant." More than 53% of Americans skip breakfast surveyed from a group of 10,000 people.


problems problems problems…

Below you can find something a CHAMPÏONE will be eating for breakfast for optimal strength, ideal skin nutrition, and elevated brain power!



Super simple

Just mix everything together & you have a full meal ready in less than 5 mins


The human body is a very delicate machine, a precisionist, we cannot run it on coffee and martinis.

A study from Northwestern University concluded "women who want to have baby boys should never skip breakfast.”

Another study from the Journal of Dental Hygiene "states people who skip breakfast are significantly more likely to suffer from bad breath” Ewwww.Interestingly enough,  I will never skip breakfast again.


Eating a good breakfast equates to wholesome health, which includes body, mind, soul, and SKIN! For the BODY, this Yogurt Goodness lowers levels of bad cholesterol, slashes the chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Related to the MIND, this Yogurt Goodness contributes to better memory and concentration. In regards to the SKIN, the array of benefits are presented below.



Hippocrates says " Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

The Doctrine of Signatures is a philosophy shared by herbalists that states; every plant has a pattern, which resembles a body organ or physiological function and that these patterns act as a sign of the benefit the plant provides. I will go into further detail in a separate blog. Lets take walnuts for example. What clue does this little nut give that associates to a human's body?

The Brain. Yes. Correct. See the left and right hemispheres?

The walnut is shaped like the neo-cortex, which explains all of the numerous brain benefits.


Well we all have made these excuses for ourselves, myself being guilty:

“Oh I wasn’t hungry!” “I was too busy!” or “I was running late!” We all have excused ourselves. Yet, if you as an individual do not care for your own health no one else will be there to remind you when you should eat. So take the time and wake up at least 5 minutes earlier to make yourself some of this yogurt goodness!

An example from a country around the world that never skips breakfast is….JAPAN.


Japanese culture treats breakfast as any other meal. They even eat food such as fish for breakfast! Japan tries to make their meals as balanced as possible containing carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables. Japanese diet is one least spoken about, however, they are one of the main countries that typically never skip breakfast.

After I typed "typical American/Japanese breakfast" in Google... below are the results. Although we see the difference in nutrition, eating any breakfast is better than eating no breakfast at all.

And the world is trying to help. I see more hotels offering FREE BREAKFAST which is a pretty sweet thing to take advantage of. These gestures restore hope in humanity, a world where we do good for one another.

May each breakfast be a CHAMPÏONE breakfast full of love, nutrition, completion, and wholesomeness. Enjoy Yogurt Goodness daily for best results.

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