About Champione by Mileva


From the deepest and richest core of earth, we bring to you a true treasure that will nourish your youth and enhance your beauty


At Champïone, we strive to reinvent the cosmetic community to provide every friend in this Universe a chance to feel wonderful about their Motherly Earth given beauty, healthy skin, and emotional wellbeing. What we now call organic is simply nature’s intended way for humans to live. We harness the diverse energies of the Universe that has been provided to us since the beginning of time. Not only do we give you potions, but we also spread a service of love with unique passion, joy, fervent ecstasy & friendly customer service.


I nearly burst into tears. She told me it was the first time she looked into the mirror and felt like a “beautiful princess.” Jany, a terminally ill seven-year old, came and sat down in my chair at the beauty parlor. While volunteering for the non-profit organization, Give Kids the World, I frosted her cheeks and lips. She felt glamorous as I made her face sparkle. When Jany saw the final masterpiece I noticed her genuine satisfaction, smiling from ear to ear, she gave me the most gratifying feeling I had ever experienced. Her contagious excitement truly opened my eyes. Embracing the universal language and commitment to future innovations in this field will empower me with the knowledge and skills I need to contribute a service, and fulfill my love for making people feel beautiful. I desire to devote myself to the beauty industry where I can continue to make contributions in communities each day for the rest of my life.

~Violeta Mileva Founder/Creator


“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art”

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Science is advancing by the second, in association with aging; women do not have to look their age anymore. Most Americans think the ideal age is 31, but now 78% of people say women are under greater pressure today to look younger than previous years. Considering this, the anti-aging industry has grown 19% in the past 5 years. People now have more control than ever before about what age they would like to portray themselves as, tying directly back into their happiness in many cases.

“Sustainability is the key to our survival on this planet and will also determine success on all levels.”

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I will represent a brand that contributes to society and supports people worldwide to improve other’s well-being along with our communities throughout the world.

“High-Performance Hybrid Products; Open two locks with one key”

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Makeup should have more than just an aesthetic and colorful benefit; it should also enhance women in the long run I will devote myself to invent products that improve the welfare of individuals.


Restoring youth and vitality with ancient remedies

Formulating organic cosmetics with proven ingredients from more than 30 countries

“For generations ancient societies have recorded the healing and beautifying powers of impeccable ingredients that impact the skin. Unfortunately, through progressive generations this has been replaced by harmful chemicals and unsustainable products, services, and lifestyles. Here below, is a collection of some of the most powerful ancient remedies discovered globally from the beginning of time. They have changed my mentality, my beauty regime, and my internal well-being along with dozens of other aspiring beauties and I have faith that you too shall be equipped and join our revolution…XOXO”

~Violeta Mileva Founder/Creator