Full Body Scan: Holistic Remedy


120 mL /4 oz

For You…

This holistic remedy is designed to help anyone suffering from immune dysfunction, immune weakness, allergies, flu symptoms, sore throat, stuffy nose, and itchy eyes. A potent opener, this Full Body Scan Elixir will terminate any bad bacteria and renew your body with vitality.


There are nearly 100 different viruses all around you. You must be protected! This Full Body Scan Elixir will knock you with a breath of fresh air. It is designed to restore your immune system back to its’ natural state of resilience and equilibrium.

What is this?

A trifecta of all of the needed herbs, roots, and botanicals that will SSS (nourish your system, eliminate unwanted symptoms, and restore personal satisfaction)

:How this works:

Your body has stronger defense against germs. Increases the number of white blood cells, those that fight infection. Cayenne relieves fever and lowers your body temperature by stimulating sweat glands and stimulates the mucus membranes of the nose and sinuses. This elixir thins mucous, thus decreasing congestion.

:Why You Need This:

This Full Body Scan contains a naturally high amount of Vitamin C. This eases sore throat pain. This elixir is just as effective as chemically synthesized antibiotics. Better yet, it is superior. This clears your upper respiratory passages. This Elixir is concentrated with glucosinolates and allyl isothiocyanate that influence the metabolism of hormones. Also high in essential health promoting substances such as magnesium, phosphorus, glutamine, glucose, and acid sulfate

:Who is this for:

Anyone who is desperate for a quick, simple, and safe solution for their bothersome allergies, sinus infections, swelling, mucus drainage, breathing issues, constant sneezing, and sickly feeling. These symptoms not only impede your performance, but also weaken your look. This is for anyone who seeks an organic solution for their health and are tired of medicines that just treat the symptoms and NOT the underlying issue.


What are you willing to pay to STAY healthy?

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