Soften Me Up -Tight, Smooth, and Moisturizing Mask


For You 

Soft to the touch. Take control of your complexion with this Soften Me Up Mask. This simple fix is designed to restore your skin back to its’ natural state of resilience and equilibrium.

What is this?

An organic skin supplement mask that turns dry and dull skin into soft, smooth, and hydrated.

:How this works:

This Soften Me Up Mask contains powerful youth retaining ingredients such as Matcha, Spirulina, Kelp, Rose Pettle Powder, and Rice Powder, plus many more herbs and botanicals that all achieve superior hydration, revitalizing skin, and attaining overall health of your epidermis. This mask contains 18 types of proteins, tannins, fatty acids, 13 vitamins, and 8 essential minerals that are necessary for healthy skin. With over 40 antioxidants you can see results within 1 week of serious use. This mask is safe enough to use daily and the more frequent the use the more powerful the results. Rose Powder is so resilient it can sustain any conditions. This is the exact strength this ingredient provides you. Youth comes from being able to sustain moisture. This is the right mask for you.

:Why You Need This:

This highly nutritious formula is everything-in-1 for strengthening and sustaining youthful skin long-term.

:Who is this for:

Anyone who is seeking a natural solution to maintaining their sebum production active and youthful. As well as achieving  and sustaining a smooth and glowing complexion naturally without invasive procedures and harmful adjunct chemicals.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
Organic Body Lotion