#1 Phrase for Infinite Abundance in Mind, Body, and Skin

Unlock Infinite Abundance: Transform Mind, Body, and Skin

I have been truly inspired here in Mexico. Repeating this daily in my morning practice has changed my outlook on my life. The way I see my capacity to absorb wisdom. The way I see myself and the capabilities of my body. And the way I see my skin and all of its perfection exactly how it is and my willingness to expand and improve to my highest potential.

Here it goes. It is simple. It is powerful. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it at first. Eventually you will. Keep saying it everyday until you believe it. You might feel silly. I did too…Shouting it from the top of my Mexican rooftop. But I didn’t care. I cared about me. And my grandest Champïone version.


Repeat this phrase and feel its' truth: 

I am the power & presence of god creating everything I experience. Everything.

There’s no power out there not in anyone or in anything. 

I am in infinite abundance right here right now. 

Infinite power to create anything I want.

Infinite knowledge and wisdom, 

Infinite feelings of joyfulness and peace,

Infinite feelings of unconditional love & appreciation of all my creations, 

Infinite supply of money to express appreciation with 

Right here right now

For me (hands above your head)

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