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Creative Writer

"I was so tired of covering up my face and not letting it breath. This product creates a glow and has healed my face from scars”​


FSU Student

“The makeup is so light. It feels really nice and has an amazing scent”


Wellness Advocate

“Very soft feeling. It looks radiant and smooth”​

Michael Snair

Professional Basketball Player

“Usually when I put moisturizers on my face it’s too oily, but this feels good, no shine, I like it!”


Enjoying Life

“The smell is amazing! I can feel it tingle on my skin as it tightens my pores! Love it.”



“Must try it. I got mine and it’s instant rejuvenation!”



“I have tried everything and nothing on the market works quite as great. So grateful for Champïone”


Financial Analyst

“Keeps me moisturized throughout my day and great sun protection!”

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Hosting Party Reviews

Grab your friends, they trust you most. Host a spectacular private event of about 5-10 people at the comfort of your own home. We will provide refreshments, and benefits to the party host. We will create a sacred and safe space for sharing insightful knowledge about beauty, ingredients, application, and self improvements with the help of nature and ancient sciences.

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