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Self Love Workshop

Through our ChampÏone Self-Esteem Academy, you will completely transform your life within your health, your wealth and your relationships that you have always deserved.

My greatest golden nugget is to boom out life force energy: encouraging words, support people, and have compassion for their insecurities. In the process of doing this I have become a divine paramedic. Offering people the oxygen mask of Champïone life force and helping people become less fearful, less doubtful and heal.  

I will support you with self esteem, confidence, and intimacy with self and with intimacy with others utilizing holistic medicine, mindset mastery, habit building, and much more. 


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What You Get

8 Weekly LIVE 1:1 Calls with Me: description of this (Get 8 45-mins one-on-one calls with your support coach to work through any obstacles that are in your way throughout the duration of the program ($2,997 Market Value)

 8 Weekly Workbooks:  Get 8 weekly workbooks with teachings, assignments, and challenges designed to stretch you to reach your next level in your self esteem, self worth and confidence that empower your health, wealth, and relationships ($1,997 Market Value) 

 1 Private Coaching Session: Get a private coaching session with me available for you to schedule at any point talking about anything you desire throughout the 8-week program ($1,000 Market Value)

 Self-Love Package: Our most popular self love package with all high frequency products for the mind, body, and skin. Made with popular Tree Resins and Electromagnetism that will enhance your skin that carries you and displays the health and comfort you feel inside. It contains beauty rituals to enhance you, sent the first week of us working together. ($500)

 Exclusive Access to Private Community: Get access to our exclusive Champïone Confident community where you’ll be able to connect with and be held accountable by other coaches and graduates that are ready to level up their self love daily. Create community and friendships that last for a lifetime through healing and growing. ($997 Value)

 2 Exclusive Guest Speaker Group Calls: Get exclusive invites to my monthly mastermind where you’ll be able to sit in on LIVE calls and learn from other powerful self-esteem coaches who have an abundance of health, wealth and powerful relationships. Learn about what’s working, what’s not, and how to overcome any obstacle on your self love journey ($1,997 Market Value)

 BONUS #1: Get lifetime access to my 8-week on-demand course, Champïone Confident Self Esteem where I show you step-by-step how to  have the most magnetic and radiant life blasting with self worth ($2,997 Mark Value)

 BONUS #2: Get lifetime access to my current and additional business & strategy recordings and research articles with multiple high level entrepreneurs with tactics to scale your self love, self esteem, confidence and longevity ($9,997 Market Value

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