Skin Picking: Cover up & heal a pimple in 24 hours

Skin Picking: Fast Pimple Cover-Up & Healing | Champïone Tips

Skin picking
Skin picking

So we all have one of those days. BOOM! You just wake up and you have a nasty bacterial growth on your face... just out of nowhere! Absolutely horrific. You are tempted to do some skin picking. Especially because you have an event to go to at 8pm tonight and you have to look your best! Well, do not worry. You are not alone. This has happened to the best of us!  Just do not pick it and embrace it, as your friend.

I will show you some tips and tricks that Champïone has used that WORK and has helped others to quickly recover from their zits!

So you woke up at 6 am to start your day. You notice the zit monster. Immediately run and drink a shot of vinegar. Then drink a cup of Lapsang Souchong Tea. And just take 15 minutes to meditate that pimp away.

Prep Your Skin

Next, Boil a pot of water until it is steaming. Stand above the pot for at least 15 minutes. This will open all i mean ALL of your pores. 

Now, once your pores are open use Champïone’s Clear Skin Tonic to cleanse your skin from impurities. I'm recommending this tonic because it is gentle enough for sensitive skin and does not cause over drying or strip your skin from necessary oils for healing. But, strong enough to take care of the issue at hand! Alternative would be Rose Water Hydrosol and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar if you cannot wait for shipment! But strongly recommend.

Clear Skin Mask- Morning 15 minutes

Now once your face is completely cleansed apply the Clear Skin Mask

Mix with warm rice milk. 

This will draw out any impurities on the spot and draw it to the surface. Wash off after 15-20 mins.

Now this is a rigorous detailed routine,  but hey if you want that pimp gone you have to dedicate the efforts to remove it.

Until your event, if you are staying at home, use the Miracle Zit Rescue on spot of the pimple. This Zit Rescue contains white willow bark, cayenne pepper, odorless garlic extract, onion extract, and other pimple fighting ingredients to immediately decrease the inflammation of the pimple, which is the hardest to conceal. The bulkiness. Again, this is the ORGANIC form of salicylic acid that is powerful to remove your new formed infection. Then simply place a bandaid on the pimple, this speeds up the healing process.

I learned late in life that if you want something to heal at best you must leave it covered. Its a MYTH that you must let it breath, but hey I thought grandma was always right! Hehe. As a matter of fact, the science in simplest terms is since the wound/pimple/infection/scar is covered the moisture and medicine is retained and concentrated in the area versus evaporating therefore your recovery and scarring is dramatically decreased.

This is why when you get burned there are wet bandages because we all know that burns stay on our bodies forever. 

Now for the Cover Up

Natural Face Primer

Long Term Commitment Primer:

Contains Zinc, rose, and eucalyptus to dry and prep the area to set for the entire day

Reduces Inflammation in the process 

Multifunctional Skin Saver

Multifunctional Skin Savers

Contains : Primrose, tomato seed, lemon, prevent & lighten any blemish about to form…

Allows your pimple to still breath and recover but stay concealed and dry with the healing powder. 

Night Routine

Now you went to your event, no one noticed your pimple and you’re happy, but you still feel a bit of pain from the zit it is still causing discomfort and you want to completely kill it. Here is the final steps...

Wash face with Clear Skin Tonic from all makeup, impurities and sweat.

Panacea Potion 2

Moisturize with Panacea Potion to prevent scarring, peeling, and breakage of the skin. Use the cupping technique favored by many unique cultures around the world. 

Again, contains high amounts of willow bark extract, cayenne pepper, onion, and garlic that will immediately kill the infection that is brewing that zit.

On the spot zap away all your zit worries with the Skin Frequency Wand . Notice a difference after one session.

Or if your skin typically scars after like a hormonal pimple for example, use Clear Skin Mask and just place it on the pimple overnight. 

This on-the-spot mask contains almond charcoal and activated charcoal to allow the skin cells to continue to renew so there are no bond breakages and only skin cell multiplication ;)

No More Skin Picking!

Champïone of the world’s Quickest Pimple Recovery   

Well congratulations, I want to congratulate you for your speedy removal of those pesky zits and am happy to share all my personal solutions with you dear and help you with any other everyday issues you may be going through. You’re not alone. If you need my expertise with any other ailments you may be struggling with, please email me at and I will be happy to address it with you and make a recovery plan customized just for you. You are not alone! 

So much love,


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