Affiliate Program

We are proud to offer the chance for you to profit from our products and customer service. If you would like to earn up to 20% on sales made through a link to us from your site, it’s as easy as filling out a simple form, setting up the link and hopefully sitting back to watch the sales come in. Program Features: -Up to 20% of all sales that come from your link, banners, or coupon code -Instant notification by email of a sale through your account -Password protected page to check sales and update account info -Link to specific sections of the site, to a specific product or to our home page -Cookie tracking program that gets you credit even if your referral does not make a purchase until a month later. -Full technical support -Receive monthly payments via PayPal Program Requirements: -You must place a link on your site to generate affiliate sales -Spamming is not permitted under any circumstance whatsoever -You may not use the affiliate link to make purchases for yourself -You may use our images to promote our services -You may use our technical information to better explain the product details -You may not frame our site or claim it to be your own. -You will start earning commission following your first affiliate generated sale. -Your affiliate membership may be revoked at any time, if you violate any of the above regulations Joining our affiliate program is fast and free.

Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions