Good God Hair Serum


Good God – Hair Serum

Extensive use of this Hair Serum grant an array of properties and benefits—skin deep. These are a combination of personal skincare that enhances appearance along with a therapeutic experience that will stimulate your mind, body, and skin. These extracts and herbs have been used for centuries to stimulate hair growth, softening of the hair and skin, and holds the hair in place without stickiness. In other words, replace your after-shave today.

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Hair Growth Benefits For You

Long-term use of these products gift an abundance of properties and benefits –skin deep. This is a combination of personal skincare that enhances appearance. In combination, this therapeutic blend will stimulate your mind, body, and skin. These extracts and herbs have been used for centuries to stimulate Immortality.  For example,

+Egyptian Musk known as the Immortal Scents of the Gods, has detoxifying properties and is extremely  beneficial for mental wellbeing.

+Bergamot is an analgesic, prevents breakouts and inflammation.

+Sandalwood reverses the signs of aging and can stimulate hair growth in 6 days . Above all, with every use this beard blend will

  • soften the cuticles of your hair
  • hold your beard’s shape without stickiness
  • Additional health benefits include stimulation of hair growth, reduction of skin irritation, treatment for acne, and anti-aging defense from the help of primrose.

See the results tab for Champïone Results.

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Each product is personalized with a well-being motivation quote to provide customers with daily reminders that benefit one’s wellbeing, such things that are forgotten due to the distractions from daily routines and hardships

Safety Hair Growth

Carefully formulated with the finest natural ingredients. Our ingredients come from nature with love. As with any natural remedy, the longer the use the more superior results. Restoring youth and vitality with ancient remedies

Why Blue Packaging

Cleanses & preserves freshness
Provides positivity, peace and love
Popular from the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono ancient healing technique
The color blue has a tremendously powerful impact on our brain

How To Use

  1. Shake well before use. Release 5-8 drops onto palm.
  2. Activate and warm the blend by rubbing both hands together
  3. Apply to face, beard, and temples using tapping motions that aid the absorption process.
  4. Wait until dry and all set.

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Vitis vinifera (Cold Pressed Grapeseed) Oil*, Ricinus communis (Cold Pressed Castor) Oil, Oenothera (Cold Pressed Evening primrose) Oil*, Champïone’s Immortal Blend™*, Cocos nucifera (Cold Pressed Coconut) Oil*, Nigella sativa (Cold Pressed Blackseed) Oil*,  Organic Rosemary Extract, Tocopherol* (Vit E), Agave americana*, Cold Pressed Cedrus Libani*, Egyptian Musk, Organic Cold Pressed Bergamot, Santalum album (Red Sandalwood), Citrus bergamia, (Steam Distilled Lavender) Oil*,

*Natural and Organic

Dispose after 6 months

No useless fillers, every ingredient counts!


hair growth

Results for hair growth

Products Used: Champïone Therapeutic Beard & Hair Blends

Observations: Increase in hair growth by 47% growth of .398 cm each week

Beard blends hair growth 122 days

Results for beard & hair growth

Products Used: Champïone Therapeutic Beard & Hair Blends

Observations: Increase in facial hair growth by 59% growth of .0684 cm each day

Beard blends hair growth results

Case Study Results

Objective: To track how Champïone Therapeutic Beard & Hair Blends affect the growth of facial hair in men

80 males(age range 20–76 years) residing in the Florida area using the formulation and 80 men using placebo formula in a month period. In this study both groups included males with good health.

Placebo group had only 7 users who reported a rapid hair growth. 78 of the 80 users in the controlled Beard Blend Group reported a drastic difference in hair growth speed and aroma therapy benefits to their mood.

Beard blends hair loss results

Wrinkle appearance diminished rapidly in depth in women aged 40 years and older. Skin had a plump appearance and 46% volume gain after the first 30 minutes

Using the Good God Hair Growth Therapeutic Hair & Beard Blends will maximize each hair follicle to grow longer, stronger, and softer.

Efficacy measures:

  • Investigative staff assessed hair growth.
  • Patient assessed hair growth.
  • Deterioration of hair.

1 review for Good God Hair Serum

    Donna T
    This was a heavenly scent its piercing very memorable smell. I loved all of the hair blends but this one was something I have never encountered before. plus I do notice mt hair growing healthier. I use it right after a shower and when I wake up I retouch my ends. amazinggg!
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Vegan Plant Based

Vegan Plant Based

These products don't contain any animal-derived ingredients. No animal testing! We are upmost animal friendly.

Cold-Pressed Ingredients

To ensure all of the powerful nutrients get delivered to your skin.

Synthetic Free

Synthetic Free

You can have a peace of mind knowing 100% of all Champïone formulation is free from harsh and toxic ingredients, no fillers, no parabens, No titanium dioxide, no synthetics.

Backed By Ancient Science

Backed By Ancient Science

Proven results through science and ancient literature that has been cited to work for generations upon generations.

Natural Frequency

Natural Frequency

We use essential oils that have 428 Hz frequency thus increasing the wearer’s frequency when applied. Charged with high frequency broadcast waves.



Prepared during powerful planetary activations. Formulated and harvested just like the Farmer’s Almanac.

Good God Hair Serum

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