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Self Love Workshop By Champïone​

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Little Sneak Peak of the Day 
  • 11:00am Sharing and Forgiving serenaded by flute player
  • 11:30am Journaling to Reshape Our Reality
  • 12:00pm 6 Tools that can take you there in any Moment
  • 1:00pm   3 Powerful Breath work Practices 
  • 2:00pm Dancing Shaking Singing and Yoga
  • 3:00pm Self Love Mirror Gazing Meditation
  • 3:30pm Creating Safe Space for each Other
  • 4:00pm Fire Hatha Yoga for Activation
  • Bonus – Dressing each other with Skin Care and Sweet Caress
  • Community Support – 24 Hour support from our Crew in Santa Monica

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