How Self Doubt Will Age You and How to Stop it

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When was the last time you doubted yourself? How did it make you feel? Were you looking into eyes or gazing away? Well, you're untrue if you have never experienced self doubt. It is a natural human feeling. However, we should not savor the feeling and let it marinate the moment we realize it has begun. Self doubt affects our decision making in the path we take in our lives. Self doubt leads to overthinking, to analysis paralysis, or even perhaps, crazy confusion.

You may even be wondering: is this my intuitive hunch guiding me...or my inner critic?

º Squeezing pimples in mirrors 

º Not thinking you said the right thing to your crush

º Being unsure of your decisions or showing regret towards your decisions

º This is all a turn off and is portrayed in your overall beauty. The more you doubt yourself the more you'll shrivel. 

º This uncertainty whitens your hairs and shrivels your skin. It frowns your eyes and chaps your lips. 

self doubt and beauty

But if you catch yourself. Begin self talk of worthiness. Taking it easy on yourself. Show love to yourself. Kiss the parts you are hating on. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Blow yourselves kisses. Compliment yourself 3 times a day. Watch your beauty begin to change. This is a crucial part of your image. Your Image is a reflection of who you are. How you eat, how you talk to yourself, how you treat others. This is all resembled in your looks. Your looks radiate all of these things. There's no way for your essence to be beautiful if you have negative self talks.  

Stop Self Doubt with : Self Talk and Self Love

The way you talk to yourself is a big KEY to self love. Think of what your dream partner would say to you. Your dream parent, or friend. And say it to yourself. You do not need anyone to validate you. I praise the divinity in myself, in you, in all living things, and recognize the vast power of creation.

Think about the tremendous power concentrated in a little package, like these cedar seeds. The size of a pea. When put in the ground, slowly and with controlled patterns and for 100 years of time it grows into one of the the manifestation of the ideas of the Divine. The Champion tree is over 3,000 years old now and 179 ft high. Think about how many of these trees there are. So what you focus on grows. 

Champïone Magnet Method

Whenever I need to make any decision and experience self doubt I ask myself as i gaze into my eyes,

“Please send me clarity and reveal the best path that would serve my highest good. Thank you.”

Then I close my eyes, and breathe deeply into my stomach.

5 counts in- 5 counts hold- 5 counts release.

I repeat that 9 times, as 9 is the number of ongoing creation.

Then I dont force or do anything. I simply listen to my divinely intelligent body. See if you can detect a subtle shift in how you feel. You may notice that your body is giving you more physical clues. For example, your body may lean forward or back to reveal a good or not-so-good choice. Your face may light up or get anxious when thinking about your options. Your breath may even change, going from easy and flowing to fast and heavy. Your answer is in there. But you need to tap in and sift through your physical signs to find it. And again, those signs can be subtle – so listen and observe closely.

As with everything practice, practice, practice and you'll get better at tuning into your intuition and your body’s natural signals and put a stop to chronic self doubt for good!


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Resources for Self Doubt Recovery


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