Hear This Song Everyday to Attract Love for Yourself and Others

Attract Love: Listen to This Song Daily | Champïone

Attract Love for Yourself and Others with This Champïone Melody

 Hello my dear.

I wrote this short little acapella song for you, I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for all the love you have shown me so far.

Love Potion Mantra
Love Potion Mantra

Back when I officially started Champïone, last May, I was specific in choosing my brand name. I wanted the name to be meaningful, empowering, and delightful to the senses. The beauty industry has programmed shoppers to relate to their imperfections when reading labels on packaging. Acne this, wrinkle that, fat this, the list goes on and on.
I wanted the packaging, the brand's name, and the values we stand for as a brand to remind you that you're a Champïone and every skin ailment has a solution!!

Even if you're not an athlete there is some pride we feel deep down when we get called a Champïone. For example my grandfather would make me race all the kids on the block when I was 7. (He was pro short distance runner) I couldn't always win, but finally that day came that I raced with all my might, and I won!!

He called me just that, a Champïone, all day long! My heart jumped of happiness when he kept repeating it.

Attract Love
Attract Love

Violeta and her grandpa Vasil reunited in his sunflower farm 2015

That feeling of pride is what I want you to feel every day! Because you are one-of-a-kind ❤️

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