10 New ways to Clear Acne, Imbalance, and Breakouts in 2 days or less!!

Clear Acne in 2 Days: 10 New Methods | Champïone

How does acne affect us?

Have you or someone you know have had acne at some point in your life and don’t know why? Have you tried everything and still have not found a natural solution for healthy skin that will clear acne? You are not alone.  

"Acne vulgaris is a common skin disorder affecting at least 85% of adolescents and young adults."

skin with acne

Acne affects us deeply. It not only affects our physical appearance, but up to the basic characteristic of confidence, and acceptance of ourselves and how others perceive you.

In a study of acne patients in a dermatologists care, almost 30% believed that poor skin hygiene was a causative factor of acne. This means that these beliefs exist in the general public. These beliefs lead poor people affected by acne to feelings of embarrassment, shame, and guilt. It also causes them to hide and not show up as their best self.

Clinical depression, social phobia, and certain anxiety disorders have been associated with acne. Acne patients report greater levels of anxiety and depression than other medical populations, including cancer patients and other dermatology patients

Skin that is clear of ance

Top Tips and tricks on preventing and clearing acne from your life!

So you can be true to yourself that you actually put in the best care for your skin to be at its' prime

1. Dont Stress!

I know it sounds super simple, but trust me, managing stress is the hardest thing to do.

When we stress our hormones go out of wack. We start to produce high levels of the Cortisol2 hormone. Also endrogens from the endocrine system. Then your body responds to this stress with inflammation and BAM? You have a breakout that formed over night on your skin the next day? Or your skin becomes inflamed and your eczema flares up?

clear acne by preventing to much stress

High levels of cortisol = inflammation = overproduction of sebum (oil) from the sebaceous glands = clogged pores, breakouts, acne, blemishes

Perhaps, teenagers often experience acne during their adolescence because they are at a time of high stress and development, both their body and mind. They are trying to understand their body changes, their identity in the world, etc. Even adults? We experience breakouts during times of stress and change. Stay calm and stay clear of acne.

2. Meditate for at least 5 minutes a day

A great app for meditating is called Synctuition.

3. Do yoga and stretch every morning for 10 minutes

Practise yoga and stretch, every morning for 10 minutes, before you eat any food or drink any water.

4. Take a natural tea

Natural teas like Ashwaganda, Valerian Root, Holy Basil, Adrenal Support, and Magnesium to calm you down during times of stress.

Use essential oils like Lavender, Vanilla, and Sandalwood to calm your mind

Skin hacks you can do now that change your tomorrow:

Incorporate these simple methods consistently everyday, and watch your skin transform in a few days time. You will begin to clear your acne, your skin swelling will decrease and your skin will become balanced.

5. Start every morning off with a cold ice bath

Every morning, fill a bowl with ice cubes and water. Did your face in the ice bath for a few minutes and start your morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

6. Apply the Long Term Primer

Apply the Champïone Long Term Primer to eliminate blemishes and the over-production of sebum. The easiest and quickest way to clear acne from your skin. "The natural way!"

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7. Complete your daily skincare routine with the Multifunctional Skin Saver

Complete your daily skincare routine by TAPPING the Multifunctional Skin Saver firmly into your skin to protect you throughout the day from pollution, free radical damage, and the dangerous sun rays that can leave lifetime of scars and pigmentation. This Skin Saver can prevent any acne from building up on your skin. Preventing something from happening is always better than having to fix something after it already happened. Yet there are more ways to clear acne from your skin, keep on reading!

8. Wash your face with African black soap

In the evening after your long filled day, wash your face with African Black Soap. While wet, spray Organic Rose Water. Then immediately apply 3-4 drops of the Panacea Youth Serum over your entire face. Keep repeating this routine because this will clear acne from your skin within a few days guaranteed.

9. Eliminate ance-causing bacteria, irritation and inflammation by applying the Salve it All

To complete, finish off with the Salve it All once the Panacea Youth Serum has been absorbed. This will provide the antiseptic properties to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, irritation, and inflammation OVERNIGHT!

10. Use the Skin Frequency Wand every morning to greatly speed up recovery

OPTIONAL!! But super worth it, use the Skin Frequency Wand in the morning for 20 seconds on the breakouts and inflammation. It will immediately decrease the swelling, and sterilize where there is problematic areas and unhealthy skin.

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