Medical Research: Resin and Wound Healing

Tree Resins for Skin Healing: Medical Insights

Cedar forest heals the skin

Trees are one of the most resilient creations on earth.

Trees have been around since the beginning of time. They can be injured. Struck by lightning, go through the worst weather conditions, but still have the power to heal themselves. With POWERFUL tree resin and tree sap. 

Western medicine is just discovering the power of tree resin that numerous scientific and medical journals such as PubMed are backing up these findings. People from my country Bulgaria and other parts of the world have been using it for centuries. 

CHAMPÏONE is the first company to bring tree resins and their powerful benefits to the American consumer and beyond.

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Wounds, the physical damage to the skin and its inner structure, can result from trauma, burns, or chemicals. Wound healing is a complicated process. 

Wound Healing Phases and Solutions

According to cellular and molecular mechanisms, there are three overlapping phases of wound healing as follows: 

  1. Inflammation occurs due to the migration of fibroblasts and inflammatory cells, such as neutrophils and monocytes, into the wound site.
  2. Reconstruction of the epithelial barrier and production matrix at the site of injury leading to new tissue formation;
  3. and finally, maturation of the tissue.

In this regard, the active compounds that play a key role in wound healing belong to different groups of chemical compounds such as(terpenes, flavonoids, tannins, sterols, polyphenols, etc.) and display a wide range of activities (astringent, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and so forth)

We all want to know what is the fastest way to reaching to the finish line of healing without any scarring and/or taking away from the beauty of our skin. Whether it is a bad injury wound, burns, eczema, acne scarring, or even fine lines if you just use this one simple gift from nature it will be life changing!

Case Study Results of Using Tree Resins for Rapid Healing!

Case Studies after case studies of focus groups have been closely examined on wound healing time, scarring, and overall healing. The results are profound.

Here are the results from a study of 60 participants using Tree Resins with the Therapeutic Group. (31 women and 29 men) entered into the trial. Eighteen patients had one wound, 26 patients had two wounds, and 16 patients had three wounds . They investigated 100 wounds in total. Forty-five wounds were assigned to the therapeutic group and 55 wounds were assigned in the placebo group randomly.

The conclusion from multiple case studies are this: Essential oils obtained from the cones of Pinus pinea and Pinus halepensis demonstrated the highest effects on the wound healing activity models. On the other hand, the rest of the essential oils did not show any significant wound healing and anti-inflammatory activities.

We use 5 main types of tree resins for skin healing in our products, these include:

Resin protects plants against a wide range of plant pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, protozoans, archaea, and parasites.It does the same instrumental functions for our skin.

We use Siberian Cedar Resin, Benzoin Resin, Dragon's Blood Resin, Tulu Balsam Resin, and Frankincense Resin.

Benzoin and Pine Resin Skin Benefits

Benzoin resin comes from perennial trees which belong to the family Styracaceae. 

Benzoin oil is used in the treatment of skin diseases such as wounds, skin ulceration, burns, and bad sores. Benzoin is also used for trtreatment of psoriasis and eczema. Use the Salve it all mixed with Kaolin Clay apply on eczema for 20 mins and rinse off. Apply after only the Salve it all for upkeep. 

Salve it All is nature's antiseptic using the most powerful tree resins in the world!

Benzoin resin is used for Brown marks on the face, it is used as a disinfectant. Phytotherapy in dermatology uses benzoin in conditioning the skin and toughening the skin up. Benzoin also keeps the skin fresh and youthful. It has the ability to heal wounds and scars (1).

  • Accelerates wound healing
  • Shortens healing time and minimizes undesired consequences
  • Fundamental legacy of effective wound healing of drugs, which is reinforced by modern research

Dragon's Blood Resin is One of the Highest Antioxidants in Nature

Dragon’s Blood is a deep red resin that oozes out once you cut o the bark of the Croton spp. also known as Sangre de draco.

Here are the scientific results of healing with Dragon's Blood:

  • Significantly increases the dermis thickness
  • Significantly increases skin hydration
  • Significantly increases skin elasticity
  • Stimulates creation of new Elastic and Collagen fibers
  • It is one of the strongest known natural antioxidants on the planet! The ORAC value* of Dragon’s Blood is 2,897,110! (For comparison the ORAC value in average apple is 2,828). Its antioxidant power is 20 times higher than vitamin C, and 50 times higher than vitamin E
  • Quickly regenerates the epidermis and has a wound healing effect
  • Improves skin tone
  • Protects the skin against environmental aggressions like wind, cold, dry air and pollution by forming a protective “second skin” layer
  • Might have benefits for problem prone skin - acne, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema
  • Safe
  • Produces an ethereal satin "glow" 
  • Promote skin repair, stop bleeding and enhance blood circulation 

also stimulates the proliferation and migration of fibroblasts and the production of collagen, resulting in epithelial regeneration and wound healing which can affect second and third phases of the healing process

Cedar Resin is Nature's Immunity for Self Healing

Siberian Cedar Resin
Siberian Cedar Resin

Cedar Resin comes from the Siberian Cedar Tree from Siberia, Russia. The efficacy of Cedar Resin on wound healing: a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial and in traditional medicine, its therapeutic uses include: 

  • analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-hemorrhagic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-tumor and cytotoxic, anti-ulcer and antidiarrheal, antiviral, astringent, cicatrizing, muscular tissue regenerator, mutagenic and anti-mutagenic, purifier, skin conditioning, wound healing, among others 

Champïone Harvesting Tree Resins Sustainably

Now you see the power of the tree resins over supersedes other essential oils, ingredients and other methods of skin healing! If you’ve never tried tree resins now is a great time to start :)


  1. Dermatologic therapy.  16(2): 106-113.)Phytochemsitry composition includes resin acids (e.g., abietic, neoabietic, dehydroabietic, pimaric, isopimaric, levopimaric, sandrakopimaric, and palustric acids) and lignans (e.g., pino-, larici-, matairesinol, and p-hydroxycinnamic acid) having substantial antimicrobial, wound-healing, and skin regeneration enhancing properties
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