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12 Champïone Vital Discoveries in Anti Aging Research

Unlocking Ageless Living: Anti-Aging Discoveries & Secrets

This anti aging research promises to elevate your understanding of ageless living and beckon you into a realm of radiant beauty, inside and out. This year I've worked with top leaders in the Mind, Body, and Skin industry such as Marisa Pear, Dave Asprey, Dr. Mark Hyman, Yogi Bhajan 48 years of practice, Reagan Hillyer, David Sinclair, and many more for these great longevity nuggets. Let's go!!

? 1. Neem & Turmeric Morning Magic: Transform your daily routine by unlocking the power of Neem & Turmeric 30 minutes before eating on an empty stomach. 

    •    Benefits: Boosts your immune function, reduces inflammation, supports digestive health, and provides antioxidant protection, contributing to overall longevity.

    • This ensures you empty out your stomach bag every 2 hours after you eat allowing more energy and vitality throughout your day, and weight management.

1. Immune Function Boost: Neem has immunomodulatory properties that can enhance the activity of immune cells, aiding in the body’s defense against infections and illnesses.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Turmeric contains curcumin, a potent anti-inflammatory compound.

3. Digestive Support: Neem is known for its antimicrobial properties, supporting a healthy gut environment.

4. Antioxidant Protection: Both Neem and Turmeric are rich in antioxidants. Consuming them on an empty stomach may enhance the body’s ability to neutralize free radicals, providing cellular protection.

5. Longevity Benefits: The collective impact of improved immune function, reduced inflammation, and enhanced digestion contributes to longevity.

2. Vitamin D Deficiency and Skin Youth: profound impact on your well-being.

Unlocking Ageless Living: Anti-Aging Discoveries & Secrets

More than 50% of Americans are Vitamin D insufficient. Vitamin D is a radiant secret for preserving the vitality and youthfulness of your skin. Insufficient levels of Vitamin D plays a crucial role in skin cell growth, repair, and metabolism.

When Vitamin D levels are low, the skin may experience issues like dryness, dullness, and a lack of elasticity. It also impacts our Youthful Glow and Safeguards us against premature aging.

It also affects our mood and how we radiate beauty. If you want to know how much Vitamin D to get and what supplement you need comment below. 
   - Benefits: Supports bone health, enhances immune function, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, and promotes mental well-being, contributing to a longer and healthier life.

3. Ozone Power for Youthful Skin: 

high frequency wand

This year I have been on the hunt for major beauty treatments and devices.I have every beauty device at home, and even have a similar machine to a Morpheus 8. But let me tell you, the power of Ozone and Micro current is unparalleled. Beyond that, it is non invasive. 
Ozone stimulates circulation, revitalizing your complexion and providing a potent defense against oxidative stress, promoting a radiant, youthful glow.
 - Benefits: Enhances oxygenation at the cellular level, promotes detoxification, boosts energy levels, and supports the body's natural healing processes for increased longevity.
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Elevate your skincare routine with the transformative synergy of ozone and microcurrent. The Champïone High Frequency Wand empowers you to indulge in spa-like treatments from the comfort of home, embracing the healing touch of ozone for radiant, youthful skin.This revolutionary tool combines ozone and microcurrent to tighten your skin, diminish wrinkles, and unveil the timeless beauty within, allowing you to be your own healer.

4. Massaging Your Skin works almost as good as Botox:

While Botox injections have gained popularity for reducing wrinkles, facial massage offers a non-invasive alternative. By massaging your skin regularly, you not only improve circulation and release tension but also promote collagen production, ultimately contributing to a more youthful and lifted appearance
+Benefits: stimulate blood flow, enhance lymphatic drainage, and relax facial muscles, contributing to a natural lift and youthful vibrancy. Improves skin tone and texture, reduces the appearance of wrinkles. 

Don't forget to pair your Panacea Youth Potion and Salve it All with a soothing massage. This enhances the absorption of active ingredients, maximizing their effectiveness. It's a holistic approach that nurtures both the skin and your overall well-being. 
*Witness the Results. As an example, discover how working on your "11s" – those persistent frown lines – through targeted massage can yield visible improvements.

Your Daily Ritual

Eternal youth

Make facial massage a daily ritual, a moment to connect with yourself and amplify the benefits of your skincare routine. It's a beautiful synergy of self-love and skincare that brings forth the radiant, youthful glow you deserve

5. Top Three Anti-Aging Ingredients to look for in your Skincare:

    1. Retinol (Vitamin A Derivative):

    • Unleash the Power of Renewal: Retinol, a potent form of vitamin A, works wonders in stimulating collagen production. This not only reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but also enhances the skin's resilience and suppleness.

    • Time-Tested Elegance: Embrace the timeless elegance of retinol as it promotes skin cell turnover, revealing fresh and radiant skin. Bid farewell to dullness as retinol unveils a revitalized complexion, contributing to an age-defying allure.

=Ancient Wisdom in a Bottle: Bukachol, extracted from the Bukachan tree, encapsulates ancient retinol wisdom. This harmonious union enhances skin resilience, diminishing the signs of aging and unveiling a luminous, revitalized complexion.

Our Panacea Potion is a testament to this fusion, blending retinol's elegance with Bukachol's botanical wisdom. Immerse yourself in the indulgence of this potion, designed to elevate your skincare routine with the timeless allure of traditional and modern beauty secrets.

2. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid):

Illuminate with Radiance: Vitamin C, the luminous hero of skincare, bestows your complexion with unparalleled radiance. As a potent antioxidant, it shields your skin from free radicals, preventing premature aging. This powerhouse ingredient also plays a pivotal role in collagen synthesis, promoting firmness and reducing the visibility of wrinkles.

Tone Harmony: Embrace the harmonizing effects of vitamin C as it evens out your skin tone, imparting a bright and youthful glow. Dark spots and hyperpigmentation become a thing of the past, allowing your luminosity to shine through.

Vitamin C's Transformative Impact with the Panacea Potion:

    • Brighten and Even Skin Tone: Panacea Youth Potion contains vitamin C from botanical treasures like Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip. Experience the transformative benefits as it brightens the skin, uneven pignmentation, reduces discoloration, and promotes an even skin tone.

    • Collagen Synthesis: Vitamin C plays a crucial role in collagen synthesis, a protein essential for skin elasticity and firmness. Improved collagen levels contribute to a smoother and more youthful appearance, enhancing the overall radiance of the skin.

    • Antioxidant Protection: Panacea Youth Serum neutralizes free radicals, it helps protect the skin from oxidative stress, preventing damage and supporting a radiant complexion.

    • Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Vitamin C calms skin irritation and redness. This anti-inflammatory action contributes to a more even and radiant skin tone.

    • Harmonious Glow in Every Drop with Panacea Potion: Combining the antioxidant-rich properties of our Potion creates a holistic approach to skincare. This amplifies the overall radiance and health of your complexion without it being too harsh to synthesize by your skin.

3. Amino Acids:

    • Nourish for Resilience: Amino acids, the building blocks of life, weave a tapestry of resilience within your skin. These essential compounds fortify your skin's structure, enhancing its elasticity and suppleness. Bid farewell to sagging and embrace a firmer, more lifted appearance.

    • Hydration Infusion: Amino acids act as a hydration reservoir, ensuring your skin stays plump and moisturized. This infusion of moisture contributes to a smooth and youthful complexion, defying the passage of time with each application.

Panacea Youth Potion: Amino Acid Elixir for Youthful Skin

Champione Panacea Youth drops

Benefits ...Essential Building Blocks:
Panacea Youth Potion is your skincare elixir, delivering all 19 amino acids crucial for skin proteins like collagen and elastin. Essential aminos like glycine, arginine, glutamine, and proline maintain skin elasticity, firmness, and overall youthfulness.

Benefits...Rare Amino Treasures:
Unlike common claims, Panacea stands out with a complete set of amino acids, including rare ones like tryptophan, isoleucine, and diamino-hexanoic acid, mimicking human tissue balance for optimal skin health.

Anti-Aging Symphony:
Glycine, arginine, glutamine, and proline in Panacea Potion actively stimulate collagen, enhance skin texture, and diminish fine lines. Embrace the anti-aging benefits of Panacea's rich amino profile, providing your skin with the nourishment it craves for enduring youth.

6. Get Rid of Lower Belly Pouch: Discover the secrets of stomach vacuums and the dandelion root to release water weight.

Dandelion Root's Alleviating Touch:
Dandelion root plays a vital role in reducing water weight retention. This botanical ally works to enhance your skin's radiance and contributes to a smoother, firmer abdomen by addressing the belly pouch which stores water.

Empowering Core Sculpting with Stomach Vacuums:
Use stomach vacuums daily, a targeted exercise to sculpt your core. This practice effectively reduces stomach bloat, contributing to a harmonious silhouette and fostering overall vitality.

   Benefits: Aids digestion, reduces bloating, supports weight management, and enhances overall gut health, contributing to a healthy and resilient body.

7. Spermidine Wonder: Explore the incredible benefits of spermidine-rich foods for a radiant life.

Spermidine's Fountain of Youth: Nourishing Your Vitality

Unlocking the Anti-Aging Secrets:
Spermidine emerges as a key player in the anti-aging saga, impacting our cellular processes and promoting longevity. Its presence supports autophagy – the body's natural cleaning mechanism – clearing out aged and damaged cells to make room for fresh, vibrant ones.

Retaining Vital Fluids:
Spermidine plays a role in retaining vital fluids, contributing to skin elasticity and preventing excessive fluid loss, which can be linked to premature aging and dryness.

Sources of Spermidine:

Foods Rich: Include foods like soybeans, wheat germ, peas, and mushrooms in your diet to naturally introduce spermidine.

Intermittent Fasting: Consider intermittent fasting as a lifestyle choice, known to enhance spermidine levels and support the anti-aging process.

Benefits: Promotes cellular renewal, supports heart health, enhances autophagy (cellular cleaning), and contributes to increased longevity.

8. Bigger and Plumper Booty? Peanuts and Sweet Potatoes Champïone

Are you calling in natural curves and a fuller booty? Look no further than the transformative power of peanuts and sweet potatoes. 
Peanuts are packed with healthy fats and protein, peanuts are your allies in the quest for a shapelier booty. The combination of monounsaturated fats and protein supports muscle growth, contributing to a curvier silhouette.
Sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbohydrates (booty growth), vitamins, and minerals, sweet potatoes fuel your body with the nutrients needed for overall health, promoting a radiant glow from within... BONUS.
Incorporate Daily:To harness the booty-boosting benefits, consider incorporating at least one meal a day featuring peanuts and sweet potatoes. 

9. First Thing: Morning Gratitude and Divine Declarations.

Before you even leave the bed or look at your phone, embark on each day by basking in the transformative power of morning gratitude and expressions of love to the divine. This ritual serves as an energetic awakening, setting the stage for a day of inner and outer radiance.
Expressing gratitude in the morning is like opening a portal to positivity. As you acknowledge the blessings in your life and share what you love with the divine, you invite an influx of positive energy that transcends into your being.

Inner Glow:
This daily practice not only cultivates a sense of appreciation but also ignites an inner glow. The beauty that emanates from within becomes a guiding light, shaping your interactions and experiences throughout the day.

Shining Beauty Inside and Out:
By starting your day with gratitude and divine declarations, you infuse your aura with positivity. This radiant energy transcends into your physical appearance, reflecting in the glow of your skin, the sparkle in your eyes, and the warmth of your smile.
An Empowering Ritual:
Consider this morning ritual as an empowering journey that goes beyond mere words. It's a harmonious blend of gratitude and connection to the divine, fostering a profound sense of well-being that radiates outward.
Your Day of Radiance:
As you continue this practice, watch how your beauty, both inside and out, takes center stage. The essence of your morning ritual becomes a guiding force, ensuring that you shine brightly in every aspect of your day.

My Powerful Champïone morning practice (short version)

10-Minute Morning Manifestation Routine:

    1. Breathe deeply for 3 minutes and be grateful for every breath.
      Take 2 minutes to look up and be grateful for all the small things in life that mean alot to You.

    1. Remember the most loving moments in your life and feel your heart opening.

    1. Give and send love to everybody close to you and everybody in this world.

    1. Visualize and see yourself from your own eyes, living your dream life for 1-2 minutes.
      End with making the intention to create a great day and see the day unfolding in a postive woy.

    1. Decide ip focus today on appreciation in place of expectation.

    1. Give, help and love somebody today without expecting anything back

Watch powerful Thorough version Watch it HERE!


10. Unlocking Spiritual Power at 3:30 AM: A Trifold Connection: Unlock the potential of waking up at 3:30 AM for the most powerful time to manifest your dreams.

    1. The Sun's Journey to the Horizon: Waking up at 3:30 AM aligns with the transitional phase before sunrise, marking the start of the sun's journey. This period symbolizes renewal, positivity, and the birth of new possibilities, creating an auspicious alignment for manifestation.

    1. Synchronization with Circadian Rhythms: Waking up at 3:30 AM harmonizes with circadian rhythms, fostering a natural and balanced start to the day. This synchronization with the Earth's cycles enhances overall well-being, contributing to a sense of balance and connection.

    1. Harnessing Spiritual Energies: The early morning hours, especially at 3:30 AM, are considered spiritually potent. Believers suggest that during this time, the veil between the physical and spiritual realms is thinner, offering a unique opportunity for heightened awareness, introspection, and powerful manifestation.

Embrace the trifold connection of the sun's journey, circadian rhythms, and spiritual energies by waking up at 3:30 AM, unlocking a time of spiritual power and manifestation. You will join the powerful forces of Apple CEO Tim Cook, Mark Wahlberg, and Louise Hayes.

11. Self-Experimentation: Be the scientist of your own well-being with Viome.

Discover what's going on with your internal wellbeing and give yourself this gift of putting yourself under the microscope. I am a partner with this brand so enjoy savings. Then you really get to be a Champïone of your Mind, Body and Skin. Most people have to do guess work, is it gluten that activating this outbreak? Is it meat that is making my eczema worse? Is it sweets that's making me have new pimples? Stop the guess work and get yourself Viome.

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12. Under-Eye Revitalization: Caffeine, Microcurrent, and Panacea.

Illuminate your under-eye circles with the magic of caffeine and microcurrent. Find the link to this transformative article.

Challenges of Aging Eyes:
Under-eye circles and lines are one of the most prominent sign of aging, thus it demands our specialized attention. Factors like stress and aging thin the skin, leading to dark circles. Here are some solutions:

Micro current and High-Frequency Magic:

skincare routine

Micro current therapy, with gentle electrical pulses, revitalizes the under-eye area. Our High Frequency Wand adds oscillations for enhanced blood circulation, collagen production, and reduced inflammation.

Caffeine & Green Tea Extract Brilliance:
Caffeine, a powerhouse ingredient, constricts blood vessels, reducing puffiness and dark circles.
Green tea extract, rich in antioxidants, particularly catechins, guards against oxidative stress. It rejuvenates the under-eye skin, lessening puffiness and addressing fine lines.

In Panacea Youth Potion: These ingredients are all found in our Panacea Youth Potion, provide antioxidants, reducing puffiness and brightening the skin, targeting the under-eye region. An elixir to combat these aging challenges. So you can finally gaze back with the upmost confidence!

13. Hair Health Ritual: Elevate your hair care routine with a powerful hair mask 2 to 3 times a week, infused with oil, protein, and collagen.

Understanding Hair Changes:
As we age, hair often becomes more prone to thinning, breakage, and brittleness. Establishing a robust care routine becomes crucial to supplement this natural evolution and maintain vibrant, healthy hair.

Benefits of Regular Deep Care:
Adopting a hair mask 2 to 3 times a week provides essential benefits, such as:

    1. Hydration and Moisture: Infusing your hair with essential oils, proteins, and collagen locks in moisture, preventing dryness and breakage.

    1. Strength and Resilience: The protein infusion fortifies hair strands, enhancing strength and resilience against environmental stressors.

    1. Increased Elasticity: Collagen, a key component, contributes to improved elasticity, reducing the likelihood of hair breakage.

    1. Enhanced Shine and Luster: Regular deep care restores shine and luster, creating a visually radiant and healthy appearance.

Champïone's Nourishing Hair Mask:
Embrace the alchemist within and recreate this potent mask at home for a spa-like experience:

    • Yogurt

    • Honey

    • Egg white

    • Fresh Rosemary (boiled and added)

    • Optional: Castor oil for additional slip

    • Spice Cabinet Magic: Cinnamon, ginger, and a dash of cayenne

Unveil the beauty within your locks with this enriching hair ritual. Hold it in your hair for at least an hour. Wash thoroughly.

? Your Input Matters:
Choose which discovery intrigues you the most! Comment below.

Embrace the journey of discovery and ageless living!

xoxo Champïone


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