The Holistic Path to Endless Baby Face Skin: Champïone's Formula for Timeless Beauty

Endless Baby Face Skin: Champïone's Beauty Formula

Our entire being is interconnected – think of it as a puzzle where the skin plays a crucial role in holding everything together. When there are irregularities in the body, they often manifest physically on the skin, whether its' an outbreak, a rash or pimples. It's not limited to issues within your gut. Therefore, addressing both the skin and the body is essential. Additionally, the mind is another key component.

Without aligning the mind with our vision and healing, true recovery from ailments is elusive. Now, let me introduce you to our "Endless Beauty Formula" for lasting beauty, youthful baby skin, and overall body flexibility and longevity. This formula promises a vibrant, fluid experience, similarly you can have the boundless energy of carefree young boys and girls. We will be talking about top beauty devices, anti-aging supplements/nutrients, and mind work.

Endless Skin Formula

It is so important to have a beauty device that can penetrate products, provide high frequency, ozone, and improvements beyond what our skin can do.

Beauty Devices are in. These are the top 3 Champïone beauty devices to have to enhance and sustain your beauty that are most effective.

1. High Frequency Wand:

high frequency wand

    •    Benefits: Enhance product absorption for deeper nourishment, sterilize impurities for a clearer complexion, boost collagen production for elasticity, moving lymph buildup, and reduce blemishes and scars for flawless skin. See a variety of ways to use it HERE

    • Frequency: Use at least 2-3x a week

    • Exclusive Offer: Use code GLOWUP20 for a $20 discount and receive the Panacea Potion Microdose for added post-treatment care HERE

2. RF Skin Device:

   - Benefits: Non invasive combatting sagging skin, reduces wrinkles, and enhance facial toning and contouring.

    • Frequency: 2x a week

    • Coming up!! At Champïone, we're excited to share that we have a game-changing RF Device on the horizon, and the benefits it brings are nothing short of extraordinary.with Champïone's upcoming affordable RF Device compared to what's out there on the market, promising incredible strength and results. In the meantime, here is the brand we have used:

3. Micro-needling Pen:

   - Benefits: Promote self-regeneration and collagen production naturally, with the recommended Doctor Pen and controlled at-home treatments for optimal results.

    • Frequency: use 1 x every 1 -3 months depending on your skin sensitivity.

    • (this does have some downtime)

    • My favorite brand is Doctor Pen used with 24 pins cartridge. However, please watch how to tutorials as if you are rough and careless with the procedure you can create damage. The reason I enjoy doing it at home is I control the speed, intensity, and frequency.

Product Care and Order:

Champïone Morning Routine

    1. Vitamin C serum: Boosts skin radiance and protects against environmental stressors. make sure PH is 4.5

2. Copper Peptide Serum: Supports collagen production for firmness and elasticity.

3. Retinol (Buchakoil): Easily digestible, ideal for those who enjoy sun exposure.

4. Panacea Youth Potion - Everything in one to protect against oxidative stress, brightening, moisturizing, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles before makeup.

5. Sun Protection: Look for 30 SPF. Choose a non nano zinc sunscreen. Why not use something that's really healing for your skin and enhances you and conceals your imperfections? Look into the Skin Saver it does it all. Check it out HERE

Champïone Evening Routine:

youthful and radiant skin

    1. Wash your skin with mild soap only at night: Favorite Cleanser - Beauty Facial Extreme Exfoliating Cleansing Gel

    1. Exfoliate 2-3x a week in the evening- Favorite exfoliant recipe below:

Black Lava Salt, Coffee, Epsom Salt, Goat Milk Powder, Coconut Oil, Apricot kernel oil, Plum kernel oil, Edible Chocolate essential oil, Sweet Orange essential oil
**Keep away from water. Dispose after 1 week.

3. Vitamin C serum: make sure PH is 4.5

4. Copper Peptide Serum- Copper plays a pivotal role in collagen production. Responsible for firmness, elasticity, and overall health. Copper serum also supports the overall repair of the skin

5. Retinol (Buchakoil): Easily digestible, ideal for those who enjoy sun exposure without fear of getting pigmentation in the sun. If you like tanning like us over here at Champïone :)

panacea youth potion

You can find most of these night time POWERFUL ingredients in the Panacea Youth Potion. Just a few drops is all it takes for lasting beauty and skin resilience.

Finish off with a deep regenerating cream such as the Salve it All on problematic areas.

3. Endless Body Youth Formula

When you wake up:

Step 1: Neem and Turmeric: Ingest on an empty stomach for internal well-being 30 minutes before you eat. Preview our Tree Bark Diet if you're looking to strengthen your body, lose fat and have radiant skin.

Step 2: Niacin: Embrace anti-aging benefits internally and externally. take Niacin 4 days on 3 days off 1 time per month minimum. Niacinamide is not only beneficial externally but internally also. Where there is stagnation, niacin will act as a catalyst for improved blood circulation, cellular rejuvenation, and breaks stagnation promoting a harmonious flow. Learn more about NIACIN HERE. Get our Champïone products filled with niacin amide: HERE

shilajit anti-aging

Step 3: Longevity Formula: Shilajit, PQQ, and COQ10 for overall well-being and longevity down to the mitochondria. After you have eaten breakfast and 1 hour after it is digested. Discover out why this FORMULA is so important HERE

*Important: Source Shilajit in its purest source from Himalayas (my favorite so far), PQQ and COQ10.

Mind Formula for Child Like Play Everyday

intimacy with self

Every morning, seize the power of your day by initiating a simple yet potent routine. As you rise, engage in invigorating body circles – a practice that sparks life into every inch of your being.

    1. Hips and Ankles Fusion:

    • Begin with your hips and hold onto your ankles.

    • Roll out kinks and stagnation, setting a dynamic tone for the day.

    • Start with counterclockwise 8 minimum- (# of your age) then reverse clockwise. Repeat minimum 8 times - (# of your age)

2. Waist Unleashed:

    • Move to your waist and stomach, continuing to roll as you grasp your knees.

    • Harness forward and backward motions to channel energy from the lower body upwards.

    • Start with counterclockwise 8 minimum- (# of your age) then reverse clockwise. Repeat minimum 8 times - (# of your age)

3. Heart-Centric Circles:

    • Progress towards your heart, initiating counterclockwise and clockwise circles in the chest area.

    • Extend the movement to your shoulders, both forward and backward same repetitions as above.

4. Neck Liberation:

    • Conclude with the neck, freeing it from any residual tension.

    • Experience a surge of new energy coursing through your revitalized body.

    • Keep your eyes closed

Remember, we are beings of energy, frequency, and vibration. Tapping into this essence can dynamically shift your reality. Discover more about this transformative power HERE.

chakra yoga

Learn from the wisdom of my teacher and yogi with over 48 years of practice. Whenever you get chatter in the mind of the enemy's words, or darkness, like "you're not good enough." not beautiful enough" not smart or unique" "Not ever going to heal from this psoriasis" Chant a word that makes you feel good. For example mine is "Creator. Creator of all there is. Creator" my dearest friend Elijah is "Great Spirit. Great Spirit. Great Spirit" Combat negative inner chatter by chanting a word that uplifts you. Whether it's "Creator," "Great Spirit," or "Grace," let it be your shield against doubts and darkness.

In moments of mental struggle, before taking action or meeting someone, repeat your chosen "special safe word" with closed eyes. Repeat it over and over with your eyes closed and that is like system override- a simple yet profound technique. It Works!!
This invaluable teaching, often paid for, is my gift to you. Your triumphs contribute to collective victory. Go Champïone, reach your greatest potential, and let the transformative energy of these practices propel you towards unparalleled success.

Take time for your self care, loving on your skin so you can be a baby face for the rest of your days.

Conclusion: Unleash Your Radiance for Endless Beauty

Remember that true beauty radiates from the synergy of mind, body, and skin. The holistic approach we've unveiled isn't merely a skincare routine; it's a dynamic ritual that transcends the surface and penetrates the very core of your being.

By embracing our revolutionary skincare devices, nourishing your body with our curated formulas, and harnessing the transformative power of daily rituals, you are not just investing in beauty – you are investing in your legacy.

Stand tall, proud Champïone, and let the radiant glow of your skin mirror the luminosity within. As you integrate these practices into your daily life, may each circle, each chant, and each transformative moment propel you toward your greatest potential.

In the realm of Champïone, victory is collective. When you win, we all win. So, with unwavering determination and the power of our transformative formulas, go forth and champion your destiny. Your journey to endless beauty, youthful vitality, and holistic well-being starts now. Embrace it, own it, and let your radiance illuminate the world. Go Champïone, and conquer the extraordinary path that awaits you.

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