3 Products for the Best Skincare Ritual

Glowing Skin Secrets: 3 Essential Products

Make this time with yourself a beautiful ritual. We wear the impact of the care we have (or have not) given ourselves, so let this be a gentle reminder to be kind. Our skin is with us for the whole ride. Our skincare ritual is just like eating healthy and sleeping well—it’s preventative, and there are no shortcuts. Take the time to be, to feel, and to connect, to go within.

You are worthy and your skin deserves it. It is not a question of how much TIME you put into it, but the INTENTION you put into it. Channel your inner Cleopatra.
A lot of inquiries about which product to apply first, second, third. Here is an easy step by step guide. Hopefully, with this collection of tips and benefits, your skin should be glowing, soft, and supple in no time!

Step 1: Cleanse

skincare routine

: soften me up mask & skin frequency wand

frequency: once daily

skincare ritual:


Splash cold water on your face or dip your face in a bowl of water and ice. Immediately after without drying apply the Soften Me Up Mask. Mix with water in your palm or in a bowl until the mask becomes paste like. Leave on for 5 minutes while making your morning elixir. For optimal results use the Skin Frequency Wand during this time to allow the mask to seep deep in your skin.. Rinse once it has dried. Pat dry your skin.

Step 2: Moisturize

product: panacea youth serum

frequency: twice daily

skincare ritual:


Once your skin is still wet and clean, apply the cold pressed golden Panacea Youth Serum on your face, neck, and décolleté (*this Serum can also be used on the body and the hair). This creates a water-oil-water sandwich that our skin LOVES. Continue massaging your skin once the serum has settled in. The panacea face serum will seal in the moisture, which is especially beneficial for dry, dehydrated, and maturing complexions. 


Every night after cleansing and removing your makeup or the Skin Saver, apply the Panacea Youth Serum after the Salve it All. This creates a beautiful sandwich of healing. The Panacea seals the Salve it all in.


Step 3: Protect

skincare ritual

product: multifunctional skin saver

frequency: once daily & as needed

skincare ritual:


After you have applied the Panacea Youth Serum and allowed for it to absorb it is time to protect our skin from the outside forces. UV Rays, pollutants, free radical damage, etc. can clog our pores and damage our skin.

If you live in a humid climate, or have oily skin, and want the Skin Saver to last all day, we highly recommend not to skip this step. The Committed Primer also gives the moist foundation that is a perfect immediate follow up with the Skin Saver. 

Begin with your desired tinted Skin Saver a dab a pea sized amount onto your skin. Dab into skin until you have saturated the desired area. TAP, TAP, TAP first. Do not lather. Once you have the desired coverage then you can smooth it out by massaging it into the skin. Voila, you are fully protected from the sun and ready to win your day!

Step 4: Heal

skincare ritual

product: salve it all

frequency: once nightly & as needed for healing

skincare ritual:


Use the Salve it all on cleansed skin throughout the day only if your skin is broken, extremely dry, irritated, or you are healing from a skin ailment. It will work as an antiseptic and a natural band-aid to assist the healing process of your skin. Reapply throughout the day to heal that damaged skin more rapidly.


Apply our most concentrated beauty balm after you have cleansed your face at night and lightly pat dried with your towel. Dab a blueberry sized amount and massage gracefully into your skin. Cover your face, your eye area, your neck, and your décolleté. Give a little extra love to your eye area and your lips and, double up on your portion size in the evenings to nourish skin as you sleep. Finish off with the Panacea Youth Serum to seal all of the healing benefits of the Salve it All.

For more info on how to use our incredible products check out the video by the beautiful Erica Canchola

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