Electromagnetism and the Power it has Over Our Longevity

Electromagnetism and the Power it has Over Our Longevity

Skin Frequency Wand

There is a combination of over 100 years of research to bring this technology to mankind. 

From Nikola Tesla, to Robert O. Becker, and Edgar Cayce all pioneers in the field of electromagnetism. Regeneration and the electrical currents are in all living things help our understanding of the human body. From organs being regenerated, to healing pain, spinal issues, and skin conditions, there is powerful healing in the electricity in biology. This healing electromagnetic energy can be found in various clinical uses and are increasingly promising for the future.

The Skin Frequency Wand known as the "Violet Ray" in the 1930's, has been used and is being used today for alternative treatments. The Skin Frequency Wand uses the technology of static electricity. This is a diffusion of electrical current of tremendous power and resistance, making it into millions of tiny harmless units which can be applied to the most delicate parts of the body without the slightest harm (do not use if you have metal implants, or around braces). When applied to the human body, its' results have been found to be extremely beneficial in countless instances.

The Skin Frequency Wand has tremendous power of electrical energy, it does so without the pain, shock or contraction of muscles. This technology provides a soothing relief. The Wand destroys germs and has a strong power over infection. This machine is simple to use and can be operated with the utmost safety. Treatment using electrotherapy is accepted by physicians throughout the world as part of their equipment.

 Cosmetologists use it today for anti-aging, acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, and stimulating hair growth and rejuvenation.

How The Skin Frequency Wand Works for the Body

Skin Frequency Wand and Body Healing

The Skin Frequency Wand allows stagnant blood to move its course throughout the body with renewed vigor. The treatment can be concentrated on any organ, muscle or nerve. The impurities are sterilized and purified from the affected organs by a rich, warm flow of blood that nourishes and stimulates the tissues. This is generated by the penetrating current of the Frequency Wand. It reaches cells that supply life to the tissue causing them to vibrate. The blood is then able to take up oxygen from the lungs and nutrition from the digestive organs and spread it to every part of the body. This vibration can be simplified and called a "cellular massage". Cellular massage is much more penetrating and beneficial than muscular massage as produced by mechanical vibration.

This is an important reason why the high frequency current produces such marked effect on nutrition and general health. One of the greatest benefits of the Skin Frequency Wand is the fact that it can be used on any part of the body. The body is penetrated by radiant atomized electricity, restoring energy and vitality to the entire system.

So for example, if you are having pain in the shoulder, you apply the Frequency Wand treatment to the painful part. The result will be an immediate sensation of warmth. After a slight treatment it will be noticed that the part treated has become slightly reddened by the blood that is sent in response to stimulation from the treatment.

Ozone Therapy with the Skin Frequency Wand

The Frequency Wand also provides the benefits of ozone! Wherever the Wand comes in contact with the oxygen in the air it changes parts of the oxygen into a more concentrated form of oxygen that is multiple times more active than the air. Oxygen in the blood has the remarkable quality of burning up diseased cells without burning up those that are healthy. It is also one of the only antiseptics known that can be taken directly into the body with such an effect.

Beauty Longevity with the Skin Frequency Wand

high frequency wand

Many people realize that good health is essential to real beauty and the prolonging of youth. With faithful regular use of the Skin Frequency Wand we can accomplish our skin goals. The results obtained through its' use will be remarkable for you in a short period of time. It will bring your body, health and appearance to that condition that nature intended it to be. Rich red blood is brought to the skin with the use of the Skin Frequency Wand. It nourishes the tissues and cells and brings the radiant hue of health and beauty to the skin. All facial blemishes can quickly vanish with regular use.

This Skin Frequency Wand has a working frequency of up to 60 HZ, the machine is pretty powerful while operating at only 10 watts. It comes with 4 distinct wands to promote a variety of skin improvements, from acne treatment to better collagen production. If you want to have a younger appearance, this facial machine is exactly what you need! It works by deeply oxygenating layers of the skin, which results in improved cell turnover and skin elasticity. The kit includes extra applicators for different parts of the body: the neon-powered comb will make your hair healthier while the other 3 applicators will firm up your skin around your legs and arms as well.

Scalp Health with Electromagnetism

Improper circulation of the blood flowing through the scalp is a major cause of falling hair, dandruff, and hair loss. The roots are fed through the blood, which flows through small capillaries in the scalp that are almost microscopic. Because they are tiny, they become clogged very easily, and consequently, most people are affected by some form of scalp condition. To overcome scalp issues, remove the cause, poor nutrition due to faulty circulation, the Skin Frequency Wand can naturally assist in remedying this.

Skin Frequency Wand and Scalp healing

For treating the scalp we have a special comb electrode which pulls easily through the hair. Millions of tiny electric sparks from the applicator to the scalp, carrying pure ozone which acts as a germicidal agent. The tiny nerve and blood vessels are gently massaged, the blood starts flowing and nourishment is brought throughout the hair.

By the first treatment a warm, glowing, healthy feeling is brought to the scalp, and with a few consistent treatments great improvement will be seen. The use of The Skin Frequency Wand for a few minutes each day can make the hair healthy and beautiful.

Metabolism Vitality and The Skin Frequency Wand

Human energy is produced by burning up of certain elements in the cells and tissues through the body. This process is responsible for the heat of the body.

A person’s age, in terms of health and appearance, is governed by this process of metabolism. In our early life the building up process is dominant in our growth and development. In our early 20's, the point is reached where the two are balanced. As long as this balance is maintained healthy, the body will be healthy. A disturbance of this balance results in the loss of vitality.

The tearing down process is apparent during the period of old age and decline. It is independent of years, however the decline is seen prominently with people in their 30's. With proper care, however, the building up process can be made dominant for many years and therefore old age can be postponed.

Metabolism depends largely on the quality and proper circulation of the blood. A proper amount of oxygen in the blood means more energy in the tissues of the body. Tissue building elements must be supplied through the blood to replace those which are oxidized, and diseased germs can easily be overcome.

The Skin Frequency Wand works by normalizing the metabolism working through the blood stream and equalizing the two processes that are necessary for optimal health.

This is a preventative technology, and the Skin Frequency Wand is an essential technology in your home.

How to Use the Skin Frequency Wand

skincare routine

Be clear with yourself what you wish to accomplish. If you want a soothing effect, do not apply a strong force by holding the applicator distant from the part you wish to treat: make a close contact with your bare skin by gliding it over using the proper Powders provided. If you wish stimulation, use a current strong enough to reach your tissues and create space by hovering over with the node attachments about 1/4 of an inch away from contact. Let these be the guiding principles for you.

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