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BodyStress Management Techniques for Radiant Skin | Champïone Tips

4 Stress Management Techniques for Clear and Radiant Skin

High Cortisol which is caused by stress, anxiety, fear, worry, regret, envy, grief etc. is the main killer for all diseases. High Cortisol means your body is going into fight or flight, rushing bl...

BodyUnlocking Gut Health Secrets | Champïone's Guide

Gut Health and Beauty

Why work on your Gut?Gut health and beauty of our skin are directly linked. Our bodies are very intelligent. Nonetheless, our body can use a helping hand concerning the gut and skin connection. A p...

BodySacred Chakra Yoga for Self-Love | Champione by Mileva

Sacred Chakra Yoga Morning Alignment

Try this practice with me for 21 days!! To cultivate self love use the power of this Sacred Chakra Yoga Practice that will balance your mind, body, and skin. Let me know how it feels in the commen...

BodyElectromagnetism and the Power it has Over Our Longevity

Electromagnetism and the Power it has Over Our Longevity

There is a combination of over 100 years of research to bring this technology to mankind. From Nikola Tesla, to Robert O. Becker, and Edgar Cayce all pioneers in the field of electromagnetism. Rege...