Gut Health and Beauty

Unlocking Gut Health Secrets | Champïone's Guide

Why work on your Gut?

Gut health and beauty of our skin are directly linked. Our bodies are very intelligent. Nonetheless, our body can use a helping hand concerning the gut and skin connection. A poor gut results in congestion, inflammation, overgrowth of bad bacteria, and poor cellular communication in the body. This can cause a plethora of problems. This study shows it can result in weight gain, acne, rashes, dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, and even premature wrinkles (1).

gut health and beauty

The Champïone Formula for Gut Longevity: Nourish your gut daily, and do a a gut cleanse for an entire month every quarter. This will surely result in luminous, thriving, and lively skin and as well as overall longevity. As we know, our biggest organ-the skin, is one of the last to show the misalignment and imbalance that is happening deep within the body.

Top Gut Health Tips for Everyone:

  • Use the High Frequency Wand for deep internal healing with powerful ozone and micro-current
  • Do your stomach vacuums on an empty stomach x5 repetitions
  • Eat fermented foods such as kimchi and other pickled vegetables
  • Take a shot of organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother every morning
  • Drink fermented tea with minimal sugar, like Kombucha-here is our favorite !
  • Add Sauerkraut in your meals YUMMY!
  • Eat delicious tempeh that is fermented and tastes just like bacon
  • Take Shilajit 1 month on 1 month off

Champïone Simple Gut Cleanse: Start Now!

Take a probiotic for 30 days challenge! How to look for a good quality probiotic supplementation:

Look for a probiotic of over 20 billion strands CFU

  • My Favorite Vegan Probiotic Supplement (not sponsored, my opinion)

Vegan Probiotics Digestion Supplement (30 Billion CFUs) Future Kind +

  • For non Vegans :

I do not consume any meat products, however, this is one of my favorite Probiotic Powders that I use on a consistent basis: the Ultimate Microbiome from Youngevity (contains egg powder).

Taste is alright, I mainly like the additional ingredients that I can tell a clear difference every time I use it. I see the power in my skin complexion, in my bloating, and digestion.

Super simple, mix it with your favorite nut milk in the morning on an empty stomach.

Comment below when you've completed the challenge, WINNER announced August 28, 2022

Gut and Bacteria in the Body Explained

There are about 10,000 species of microbes in our body. The microbiome, is the community of microbes that live inside of us, they play a big role in out health. 

Bacteria cells outnumber human cells in our body.  Out of that ~10,000 species of bacteria it is said 85% is “good” bacteria and 15% “bad” bacteria. 

Your body is a genius to defend itself. All you can do is support it to be its strongest and most balanced of “good” and “bad” bacteria. When you eat synthetically modified and processed food, or take poor care of your gut that is when imbalance happens and the hormones and receptors in the body are affected. 

Background: Brain and Gut Connection

The Vagus nerve connects your brain and your gut. It extends from your ear, to your neck, chest, and abdomen. It helps controls our mood, immunity, digestion, and heart rate.

That is what a gut instinct is. The main job of the Vagus nerve is to send information about the gut, liver, heart and lungs to the brain. One important source of information it delivers includes your feeling of hunger and feeling satisfied. Your cravings are driven by your gut. Your brain is the center of our nervous system, It has 100 billion neurons that get electrically excited. Such as the important ones, serotonin, cortisol, dopamine, and oxytocin.

Gut and Emotions

According to leading neuroscientist at MIT Dr. Tara Swart, states gut health is directly linked to your intuition, the phrase "trust your gut" (Source)

Gut flora affects negative thinking. The gut houses the enteric nervous system and works unconsciously.

Serotonin affects your mood, your appetite, and emotions. Did you know 90% of serotonin in your body is produced in your gut? 

Those 10,000 different types of bacteria that are apart of YOU send all types of messages from your gut based on what you consume. 

The bad bacteria has cravings. Avoid processed synthetic derived foods that you consume to keep the gut free from any trouble and misaligned communication within your body. Eating good foods and having a healthy microbiome results in the glass skin we are all stepping closer to, and not to mention being in an amazing mood. We all know how stress and anxiety can cause skin challenges alone!

gut health and beauty

Now you have great tools for success to be a Champïone of your gut health and beauty. May your skin emanate the health and comfort you feel inside! Xoxo

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