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"Under your skin the moon is alive. The moon lives in the lining of your skin"


All over the world, for nearly all of our history, humans have lived by the moon. From planting crops, harvesting, to self care, menstruation, and activities were planned with the moon in mind. Humans planted and harvested during certain lunar phases to ensure the optimal health and growth of food and medicine. The cycle of the moon was our ancient calendar and we centered our festivals and holy days around its' most potent periods. To this day, lunar planting is still practiced by some farmers.

Symbols are powerful. And the moon and its cycle is an important symbol of a journey, of wholeness, of metamorphosis, of rhythms, of life and death, and of soft light and rich darkness.

Our Planetary Practices

At Champïone, earth and nature’s rhythms are a constant inspiration for us. And since our humble beginning in 2016, we have been practicing moon skin care as a way of engaging with these rhythms and anchoring ritual deeper into our lives. We formulate in our lab only with the Full Moon and New Moon to harness the power of this strong gravitational pull. Planetary alignment is super important to us. Once the formula is settled and the bottles have been filled, we charge the products on a disk of 7.83 Hz. So you can have confidence the frequency of your product begins on your journey at the most pristine frequency of the earth.

Being mostly water, human beings are influenced by the moon in more ways than we can see, just like the tides of the ocean. It affects us, both emotionally and physically. When the moon is either Full or New we are most susceptible to its impact, and have the greatest opportunity to use these rhythms to our advantage. During these two moon phases the body’s ability to receive nutrients and expel toxins are amplified.

Our Full Moon Skin Care is an invitation for your deepest self care. It opens gateways that allow you to reconnect to nature, reconnect to your body, and reconnect to the shared rhythm between the two.

The Moon Cycle and Meaning

The most potent period of the lunar cycle are the pinnacles of new and full moon. Although, you can always have a moon skin care practice at any time because the moon is never static. There’s never a night that it’s not morphing, and its power isn’t limited to the two main lunar events of the month.

Here’s a simple break down of the phases and what we can associate with them.

| New Moon | Birth. Beginnings. Empty cup.

Skin Care and Hair: Nourishment. Feeding Nutrition. Moisturizing . Hydration.

| Waxing Moon | Ascending. Building. Growing. Feeding.

| Full Moon | Fruition. Legacy Fulfilled. Abundance. Full cup.

Skin Care and Hair Care: Purification. Exfoliation.

| Waning Moon | Descending. Releasing. Undoing.

Full Moon Ritual

The moon is full. The cup is overflowing, and everything is luminous, churning, and effervescent with life.

The Full Moon is…

Yang. Abundance. Activity. Day of night.

The Full Moon occurs when the moon reaches its relative highest point in the sky and the entire earth-facing surface of our moon is illuminated by the sun. It is the energetic peak of the entire lunar cycle. Retail, hospital and law enforcement workers have long associated full moons with... what they call intense activity

The full moon is abundant. It is rich and overflowing.

Since the Full Moon is so abundant — so overflowing with vitality and power — what is needed is not to draw more things in, but rather to release.

Translated to skin care, that means the full moon is the time to exfoliate. Time to detoxify. Time to release toxins, bad habits, and all things that no longer serve you. This is true from the full moon, and all throughout the waning moon.

Full Moon Skin Care Illumination

Begin with exfoliating. We like to use sugar, coffee, coconut powder, magnesium salt, and coconut oil (binds everything together) scrub your face and your body.

Then we use the Clear Me Up Mask to detoxify the pores and our skin. Its' powerful drawing and purifying effects, and its incredible ability to exfoliate without disrupting the protective hydrolipid barrier, we choose as the centerpiece of our full moon ritual. Once it dries, use our High Frequency Wand to detoxify and sterilize the impurities in the depths of your pores.

It’s true that the emphasis of our full moon ritual is on exfoliation and detoxification, but there is another significant factor in full moon skin care as well. Hydration. During the full moon, the skin is ultra-receptive to hydration. We highly encourage you to hydrate your skin with ample saturations of the Panacea Potion and the Salve it all throughout the day of the full moon. And as you will soon see, hydration also plays an integral step throughout the ritual itself.

skin lightening

Beyond just topical hydration, internal hydration is also essential to full moon care. Make sure you’re drinking a lot of pure water throughout the day, especially if you intend to perform the Illuminated ritual. You can even charge your water in a blue glass bottle and set your intentions under the moon light.

Deep Release — A Simple Full Moon Skin Care Ritual

Salve it all Beauty Balm Concentrate

1. Cleanse face with cleanser of choice. For the full moon we like Moon Dance Ancient Clay Soap by Zion Health.

2. In a small bowl, (or in your palm) blend about equal parts of Clear Me Up (or your conducting powder of choice) and Salve it All until a creamy consistency is reached. Apply the mask to your face and neck with a brush, or with your fingers.

4. Use the High Frequency Wand for 5-15 minutes during your ritual on a low setting to start. Feel the micro current penetrating your deepest skin, activating the conducting powders. Use this time to tell yourself sweet nothings. Use the activation card that is to be placed on your mirror. Repeat those phrases, or make your own. To get ideas: Download our Book by sending us an email :

5. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, making sure all remnants of the conducting powder is removed. It’s okay if your skin is flushed. This is actually an indication of the activity of the skin care, and the redness will diminish throughout the rest of your evening.

6. Time to hydrate. Mist skin with an ample drench of Bulgarian Rose Water, and press into your skin. Follow with an application of your favorite Panacea Youth Longevity Serum, massaging slowly into the skin in upward motions. 


  • You can add a dropper full of the Panacea Youth Serum with your mask. This creates a creamier mask and is a nice addition for sensitive and dry skin.

Illuminated Body Ritual

1. Apply the Soften Me Up Mask as with the same method in the Deep Release Ritual above mixed with the Salve it all.

2. With the freshly applied mask, begin to prepare your bath. Fill the bath with warm to hot water. Gather the following ingredients. For the Full Moon, we like to make a soup-pot of the following:

  • add 2 spoons of conducting powder to the bath (we like the Soften Me Up Mask)
  • epson salt
  • MSM powder
  • half a cup of baking soda
  • Organic Coconut milk powder
  • 1 scoop of the Fountain of Youth

Make yourself some herbal tea to drink while you're soaking (for the full moon we like lotus flowers, rose petals, and burdock root), strain it, and pour that into the tub too.

3. Light a candle, or multiple candles, but turn off electrical lights.

4. Once you’re in the tub you will feel the steam rising from the water keeping your mask hydrated. If your water is warm enough, you may feel your mask dripping down your neck. This is okay, don’t stress.

Bath Practice

Rest in the waters and the glow of the candlelight. Concentrate on one candle. Keep staring into the center of the flame without blinking for as long as you can. Whenever you feel a blink is coming or your eyes are watering too much, close your eyes and continue to see the illumination of the candle in your mind's eye. When you see it, open your eyes and watch the candle again. Repeat a few times until you reach a satisfied peak level.

When you’re ready to call your bath to a close, rinse the remaining mask from your face, either from scooping water directly from the waters, or by submerge a cloth into the bath water and using the damp cloth to remove the mask.

5. Emerging from the tub, while skin is still damp and before toweling dry, massage an ample amount of Fountain of Youth into your body. Start at your feet, and slowly working your way up to your neck.

6. Drench your face with the Panacea Youth Serum. Check in with your skin. Does it feel content? Active? Wants more? Massage gently into the skin with upward motions.

The Full Moon Rituals can be practiced at anytime during the full moon, or waning moon phase.

New Moon Ritual

A New Moon is a cup yet to be filled.

New Moon is…

Yin. Quiet. Rest. Nourishment. Night of night.

To celebrate and honor the birth of the lunar cycle, we have created a nourishing and magical ritual for you. Our New Moon skin ritual is anchored in nourishment. The focus is on filling the empty cup. We do this primarily with our favorite botanical sanctuary, the luxurious tree resins and cedar nuts that feed the skin to its' core.

You can practice these rituals anytime throughout the day of a lunar event, but we find the best experience is had when they are conducted once the sun has sunk below the horizon and the stars have come out.

Continued in the next blog for the New Moon...Stay tuned!

Final Thoughts

Whatever you choose to do, make this a special moment for yourself, with yummy love and attention. Be extra focused on your sensuality and intimacy with your skin and your self. The way you touch and feel yourself.

We understand there are different perspectives on what phases of the lunar cycle calls for which application. This is simply our take on the proper Full Moon Skin Care. Feel free to experiment and commit to a routine that feels right for you as an individual.

We embrace and encourage anything that gets you in touch with your natural rhythms, in touch with your instincts, and empowers you to trust yourself.

The lunar cycle makes the body more receptive to care. No matter what you choose to do, if you are doing it with intention, it will make a difference.

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