Self Discipline and Our Beauty: Increase by 37.5%

Self Discipline and Our Beauty: Increase by 37.5%

Napolean Hill said in his book "The Master Key to Riches" is Have Self Discipline.

Like cultivating a garden, building self-esteem and our radiance involves consistent effort. The training I lead my clients through take approximately a half hour a day, more or less, over a 125-day period. Is this investment worth it? When we consider how great the effect of self-esteem is on mental and physical well-being, in both the short and long term, few efforts seem worthwhile. Do you think you can improve by .1% each day? That's a 12.5% increase in this time period. Easy. 37.5% increase every year. Wow what we could do with that.

Self esteem is life satisfaction.  Self esteem is one of the highest motivators. 

A lot of people know what it takes to lose weight, be healthy, clean their gut, have radiant skin, and use clean products. But not everyone achieves them. Who actually achieves their personal and aesthetic goals right? Many people wish for these things, to be happy, rich, healthy, thin, etc. etc. Wishing is not enough. We can all also agree, that merely having the knowledge is not enough. Each self-esteem skill is based on mastery of the skills that precede it.

Time and Self Discipline

Let me put this in perspective in terms of numbers. Let's look at our week.

7 days x 24 hours = 168 hours we all have in a week. You, Elon Musk, Coco Chanel, Joe Dispenza, and the rest. Something we all share.

8 hrs sleep x 7 days = 56 hours

40 hours average work week

3 hours x 7 days = 21 hours getting ready and commuting

=51 hours remaining for your spare time in one week.

I say, take 2 hours x 7 days = 14 hours for MASTERING your self esteem, beauty, and personal development. With Self Discipline.

= That still gives you 37 hours of free time per week which equals to ~ 5+ hours of free time per day.

WOW. Isn't that something?

Self Discipline and Why It Is Important

Self Discipline shapes our success, our character, our goals, our personal excellence in this world that allows us to be courageous and persistent in everything that we do.

When we have discipline this lead to habits. and Habits lead to Consistency. Consistency leads to results (growth) -the life of your freakinn dreams. So think about it? What do you want now (instant gratification)? OR, more importantly what do you want the most?

Keep it simple. Everything is learnable. All it takes is to MAKE A DECISION. That is the starting point. I made a decision to dedicate my life helping people radiate. I made a decision to clean up my skin. I made a decision to complete a Masters Degree. I made a decision to start a new business. I made a decision to invest 10% of my money. I made a decision that I am ready to get married. I come from a humble neighborhood from a town you've never heard of. So... What decisions are you saying yes to and start Champïone?

Champïone Winning Self Discipline Tools


Set a timer for 3-5 minutes and Write a list of 10 things you want to accomplish before the year is over. From the greatest Earl Nightingale.

Personal, Love, Material, Career, and Skin goals/visions can be included.

What are you willing to do over and over again until you see it in physical form? When is the deadline to achieve it?

Here is my personal:

clear skin

High Frequency Skin Ritual 15 minutes

Morning Alignment with my Body 15 minutes

Read 30 minutes of what I am mastering in my field

Listen to a coach that has walked my footsteps for 1 hour every day.


Speak to my family once a week share photos/memories

Make someone's day and Give something away everyday

Offer Support to people messaging me on social media right away

Have a Sex and the City girl's night once a week every Thursday

Go on new destination dates with my person 2x a week Wednesday & Sunday


Get 2 new plants every month 1st week 3rd week of the month

New Tesla Car by December 25, 2022

Upgrade lab equipment

New Home by November 1st 2022

Skin Goals

Use High Frequency Wand daily with Panacea 15 mins

Steam my face once a week and extract 20 mins

Get 8 hours of sleep daily for the next 2 weeks

Massage my face every night before bed with the Salve it all 15 mins

Affirm everyday my beautiful reflection in the mirror from the first glance 5 mins.

Take Action. Your Turn My Darling.

Make sure this is posted somewhere visible in your space. I like to frame everything i have to see. The more discipline you have to stick to it, the more your self esteem bank will increase. The more confidence you will exude and feel it in every fiber of your being because you are taking necessary action towards your goals daily.

Once you are done, give me a call at 424-234-9001 to map out how we can achieve this before the year is over. This is a service of support I offer and is available for you. Check it out HERE

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