4 Stress Management Techniques for Clear and Radiant Skin

Stress Management Techniques for Radiant Skin | Champïone Tips

High Cortisol which is caused by stress, anxiety, fear, worry, regret, envy, grief etc. is the main killer for all diseases. High Cortisol means your body is going into fight or flight, rushing blood, high drive and toxic for not only your skin radiance, your youth, but also your entire body overall. Graying your hair, aging your face with hurry and worry. We all are guilty of this. Here are some techniques we found that are absolutely life altering for internal wellbeing and radiating healthy skin.

1. Breath of Relief for Clear and Radiant Skin

Stress Management Techniques for Radiant Skin | Champïone Tips

Breath is our connection to Source. When we can monitor how we breath we can be a Champïone of our stress and of our awakening. Did you know when you sleep you are breathing 12-20 times per minute? And when you meditate and reach alpha state you are breathing 5.5 breaths per minute. (Source here) When you are stressed, you begin to breathe more heavily and anything over 20 breaths per minute during resting phase is unhealthy. While you exercising your muscles are working harder, your body uses more oxygen and goes from 15 breaths to 40-60 breaths per minute (~45 breaths best)

I am sharing with you all these numbers so I can express that controlled slow breathing decreases mortality in pathological states and longevity in the general population.

Here are some amazing practices to regulate your breathing.

Close your eyes and feel the emotion. Really feel the trigger. Breathe light into your body, unlocking every cell, while feeling this emotion. Then breathe out cooling energy to everyone who has ever felt this way. Keep breathing, going inward. Breathing in, unlocking every cell with gold light. Breathing out, sending cooling energy to everyone who has ever felt this way.

Slow your breath. This will inform your body that you are safe.

Here is a great resource for one of my favorite breathing techniques

2. High Frequency Wand Zaps Your Troubles Away

high frequency wand

When you use something that takes you out of your comfort zone you grow into a new state of resilience. This morning cellular massage, using microcurrent and ozone technology, activates every fiber of my being. It is an incredible device used by beauty professionals, athletes, celebrities, energy workers, and Nikola Tesla himself. If you've never heard about it before, read it's powerful benefits here. If you are ready for this beauty device to be a part of your healing get it HERE .

Mind-Body Wand Practice Begin Here

Start with Champïone High Frequency Wand on your face and head two of your greatest receptors of the senses. Do this in the morning as a meditation. Begin with a cellular recharge, start with inhaling, squeeze your perineum, bring the breath up through the stomach suck it up, suck your stomach as your getting more air, up through your chest expand through your throat, up between your eyebrows and above your head. Hold your breath everything squeezing up to your crown as you are moving the High Frequency Wand on your face and release. Do this is a few more times up to 21 breaths to fully calibrate and synchronize your nervous system. This treatment works on your external and internal systems for that clear and radiant skin.

3. Herbs for Stress Management

Herbs and botanicals are so powerful to calm your internal dialogue without fatigue. A hot cup of tea with these herbs listed below will calm the body, free the mind, and allow your greatest creativity to shine through. Here are my favorite herbs to support your stress.

    1. Adrenal Support from Gaia herbs is one of my favorites for stress management. I cannot repeat this enough. Read this article why

    1. Chamomile is also a master herb for bringing inner calmness. It is one of the 9 sacred herbs and is used to soothe many ailments. Not only will it grow your hair, calm your nerves and skin, but assists your spirit in shining its light.

    1. Blue lotus is a gem in increasing euphoria and rejuvenation. It assists the soul entering the light. The alkaloids in the blue lotus bring pain relief, stress relief and lucid awareness.

    1. Hibiscus flowers can be boiled in tea or taken as a tincture. This flower is the inspiration for joy in the heart. Hibiscus has been used throughout Mexico and Central America for hundreds of years for lowering blood pressure and nerve diseases. Hibiscus dissolves blockages in the first and second energetic centers.

    1. Holy Basil is the king of anxiety relief. Many studies found that people who took 500 milligrams of holy basil extract each day felt less anxious, stressed, and depressed. It is okay and recommended to take daily if you are prone to these feelings.

Using these herbs as your companions will not only support your internal wellbeing, but will also support your clear and radiant skin. As always, your skin represents the peace and comfort you feel inside. When you are out of this alignment, breakouts of all sorts occur and the skin is the first sign of an imbalance.

4. Find ways to cultivate Love for Stress Management

stress management clear and

Love is the highest state of receivership, it is a necessary power. Ask yourself where in my heart's memory can I bring wholeness too?

Find time to appreciate yourself for all that you are. Learn how to accept all that you have done and are doing. Rediscover forgotten places within yourself, retrieving fragments of your heart that is seeking healing. Access the reservoir of your cosmic heart and trust that everything will work out divinely for you.

Cultivating self love is one the most challenging practices to obtain. We are our worst critics and it is a lifelong practice. I wish I was able to learn some of these practices and/or have someone who held me accountable for my thoughts and disciplines towards my greatest power. After 14 years of helping thousands of men and women from around the world discover their greatest potential within, I am offering to you a 2 hour virtual discovery event to Awaken the Champïone within and live to your maximum potential! Sign up in the Self Love Program Tab under DISCOVER. Or reach out to me directly via whatsapp

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