Change Your Life with this 1 High Frequency Question and Define your "Why"

Change Your Life: Discover Your 'Why' with 1 Powerful Question | Champïone

“There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.” – Napoleon Hill

Change your life

Some people go all of their lives not knowing or figuring out their why, while others have accomplished so much. Using the same same 24 hours they are living out their "why" every single day vibrating on that high frequency.

Whether you are healing from a skin challenge, improving your self love, or going to work everyday, knowing you why makes it easier to focus on where you are going, what matters the most in your life, and what decisions are aligned with your goal. It makes you committed and passionate about your goals. Having a purpose will help you find your true passion, your dream job, your dream skin goals and commit to it. We will talk about the ways you can figure this out.

My "Why" and how it has changed my life

With my story, I knew I loved beauty since I was a young girl getting ready with my mama. I struggled with cystic acne for 10 years. That was a rollercoaster to resolve. I became a makeup artist in high school. Shortly after, I was painting terminally-ill kids' faces at the beauty parlor and worked really close with their skin challenges. Then after using so many toxic makeup palettes, I realized I wanted to revolutionize the cosmetic industry and became a cosmetic chemist. I started my company Champïone and I had a "why" written on a paper and framed,

"I have helped 10,000 people heal from skin challenges August 2014". That is now a completed milestone.

Currently, my why has grown to be "I have helped 200,000 women be a Champïone performing at their maximum potential through self esteem, confidence, and intimacy with self and others through mind, body, and skin practices".

Instead of exclusively having Champïone products as the extension of healing, I get to work with people 1-on-1 and become a facilitator to their happiest moments in areas of health, relationships, and wealth.

Now I choose coaching as the top priority on my list, and as I start taking baby steps in that direction, I ultimately figure out that my why is helping others realize their biggest dreams so that I can have an impact on their lives.

This is just my story. Who knows — perhaps during this contemplation of your why, you’ll impact hundreds, thousands or even millions of lives in the process.

Components necessary to discover your why and change my life:

1.Ask yourself powerful questions. Be your own detective, hero, therapist, and muse. Some prompts to get you thinking.

  • If I won the lottery, what would I do with my time? - After sitting at the beach for a while...

  • What would I do for free? ... ex. I give people the resources of knowledge and wisdom I have accumulated over my lifetime.

  • When I was a child, what got me the most excited? .... for me, it was lining up all my stuffed animals and pretending I was a teacher with my miniature chalkboard.

  • What topic gets me so fired up? I can talk about it without looking at the clock for hours.

  • If I was completely free from any ailment, how would I feel? what would I do? Who would I talk to?

Here is a great resource of my fellow sister who has a beautiful meditative contemplation on life purpose.

2. Ask yourself "What does my perfect day look like? "

Think about this. Write 1-2 paragraphs describing what your perfect day looks like from beginning to end. This will change your life!

Here is an example:

Clarity is an important component in being a Champïone of your life.

One thing you can do to push through is remind yourself that you are enough to have the perfect day everyday.

3. Now write an itinerary that supports your perfect day.

Hour by hour action plan, or even half an hour. It is easier to work backwards from a goal. So now that you have the goal you can create micro- wins on the daily.

My itinerary example:

7am Rise

8am Breakfast with Babe

9am Outdoor Activity

10am Get Ready

11am - 5pm Work on Mastery of My Mission

6pm - Spend time with Beloved

7pm - Dinner with my Love

8pm-10:30pm Community, Dance, Friendships

11pm - Home and get ready for bed

Now ask yourself, why are you not living your perfect day every single day? Place this paper somewhere you can see it.

4. Set a clear intention and give yourself the reward to change your life

Champione change my life

Write a "Certificate of Achievement" with the date of completion and sign it. Discipline is important, and here is a great resource to get support on this. (Self Discipline And Our Beauty: Increase By 37.5%)

Why this practice is important to change your life

Everyone knows that they need to exercise on a regular basis to maintain their health and to stay fit, but most people fail to do it consistently because their desire is not strong enough. Same goes when we procrastinate doing the things that will get us to where we want to be.

Most people that I have worked with have failed in the past because they are not consistent with their actions and plans. They do NOT follow through what they have set out to achieve. Having an accountability coach or mentor can solve that.

Things will be a lot different if it is something that you truly want.

Take love as an example. When you truly love someone, the deeply rooted feelings are all over you. Your desire to be with him/her is strong. Your devotion is unbreakable. You are willing to do whatever it takes to take care of your lover and be with him/her.

Take that example into your dreams. Whether it's resolving an autoimmune skin disorder, taking control of your habits to achieve financial freedom, having the community of your dreams, first step is to discover your why.

Together with my help and your dedication it can be really easy. Set up a time to speak to me on the phone and we can share a "Complimentary Discovery Call"

xoxo, Violet

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