5 Holistic Ways to Heal Skin NOW

5 Holistic Skin Healing Techniques | Champïone

…Pick just ONE area/issue to focus on at a time

1. Fix my skin ailments that affect my confidence

Skin healing and resins

Let's face it. Our skin emanates the health and comfort we feel inside. And when we are internally out of balance our skin is the last to show the imbalance and discomfort we are going through. By this point, there is a stream of damage. The more we procrastinate doing something about it, the longer it takes for it to be resolved. Start to heal your skin now by taking the necessary actions.

Steps to take for resolving skin ailments:


Regulate your emotional health, try to calm your nervous system by practicing breathwork, Kriya Yoga, and vocal tuning, singing, dancing, and meditative mantras.


Work on your gut to heal skin challenges. There is a direct connection from how our gut functions and reflected on our skin. Our microbiome is not only in our gut but also in our skin. CLICK here to Know about Gut Health And Beauty


Use quality products that are antiseptic, soothing, calming and relieving. That also allows the healing of the skin to be free of any scars or blemishes.

Recommendation: Use the Salve it all on your area of skin concern morning and night for a minimum of 60 days. Best results when used with our High Frequency Wand morning and night until your skin challenge has subsided.

When you are out in the sun remember this! Your skin is prone to damage since it has already open wounds and is extremely sensitive. Avoid drastic temperatures (too hot, too cold) during your skin healing phase, and wear sun protection!

To learn more about the 3 Powerful Phases Of Skin Healing With The Salve It All Click here to know. Knowledge is power.

2. Increase my hair growth and density with this hair care routine...

Results for hair growth

? MIND -Mantras for Long and Strong Hair

"My hair is lustrous, thick and healthy"

"I love running my fingers through my hair"

"My hair is always shiny, my scalp is fresh and my head is clear"

? BODY -Strongest Herbs to Support your Long and Strong Hair

Herb Horsetail and Bamboo can be take internally.

Spritz your hair with nettle, rosemary, or rice water everytime you feel your hair getting dry and brittle. Here are results if you do this daily

Beard blends hair loss results
Beard blends hair loss results

?SKIN -Use these proven to work hair care products that increase growth by about .398 cm every month!

These hair growth serums here contain powerful roots, herbs, and botanicals that provide the nutrition your hair needs to grow fast like a horse's tail. Best results when you combine the hair growth serum with our High Frequency Wand. This electro-stimulation will enhance the growth and the strengthening process of your hair follicles. Work products into your skin while upside down.

3. Changing my current makeup for natural makeup...Also protecting my face from excessive sun exposure


"My skin is even toned and brilliant!"

"I feel safe, protected and nourished!"

"My skin radiates natural beauty I do not want to even cover it with cakey products!"


Getting sun exposure is the most natural way to get Vitamin D. The sun actually allows your skin to look lively and youthful. Of course, taking into account -it is done in a safe and healthy way.

Get up 1 hour of natural sunlight a day (midday sunlight) everyday. During this time it is important to protect your skin with a sun protection or a makeup that has sun protection. This is imperative to get the benefits of the sun without damage. Use the Multifunctional Skin Saver. To get more information about the sun please refer to this article about Proper Skin Protection.


Think of your skin as a canvas. The foundation to a beautiful skin complexion is the care you invest into your skin before you add makeup. Use something like a nutrient dense Youth Serum that isn't heavy, but is that liquid gold for your skin. This is the Panacea Potion Youth Serum that is a skin prep gamechanger.

If you have acne prone skin, it is essential to use a primer before you lather on a bunch of makeup. Ensure the primer has non-clogging ingredients, made for sensitive skin, and adds benefit to your skin. This is the Blemish Primer that we trust to the highest degree. This Blemish Primer acts as a barrier of protection from toxic makeup, heals breakouts and zits, and additionally absorbs excess oil from the skin.

Most women today, use makeup or sunscreen for the major part of the day of 14-16 hours. Then at night time they lather the good stuff, the nutrient feeding skincare for the 6-8 hours remaining during sleep. Why not use makeup that is medicinal and adds to your value? And does not take away from you in the long run. The only makeup we recommend here that is made for Champïones is the Multifunctional Skin Saver. Everything from its' sun protection, to the color of the makeup has intention that adds benefits to your skin +


4. Improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and photodamage…


"My skin is smooth to the touch"

"My skin is supple and prized for its beauty"

"I am ready to let the love in"

"I am timeless at any age."

~ Love, my highest Champïone self


One guideline for skin healing that slows down the aging cycle is drinking hot green tea throughout the day. Green tea is superior to hydrating, revitalizing, and attaining overall health in the epidermis. I drink green tea morning, noon, and 3pm pick me up. After you drink the tea you can refrigerate the tea bags overnight and use in the morning before makeup. It is a famous beauty secret for skin healing from the beautiful Margot Robbie.

You can also find this amazing plumping skin healing ingredient in our Skin Tightening Mask. Get it HERE>>


Improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is a daily practice. One recommendation is using our skincare magic wand to not only smooth out the skin and give you a natural face lift, but also to increase product penetration into the skin. This combo is going to change your life: the High Frequency Wand with the Tighten Me Up Powder and finish off with the Panacea Youth Serum . The combo for ultimate skin healing.

Read below why our Panacea Youth Serum is so powerful for ageless skin.

5. Or eliminate my dark circles, crow feet, bags and puffiness…

tree resins and dark circles


"My eyes are a beautiful window to my child like spirit"

"My eyes are refreshed and bright"

"My eyes are wide full of hope and beauty"

~ Love, my highest Champïone self


An action you can take everyday to keep your youth and vitality with your skin and eyes is this 2,000 year old ancient practice. Do it once everyday for the next 28 days minimum. Watch your life, your skin, and your mobility lubricate with youth. Find out how to do it starting today HERE


Lymph doesn’t circulate well where the skin is thin like the under eye area. There is something we can do about this. We can drain stuck lymph from under our eyes. The strongest method we have proven to work for skin healing in this area is this:

Step 1: Soften Me Up Mask with the High Frequency Wand (creates circulation, decreasing darkness, and draining lymph)

Step 2: Panacea Youth Serum morning and night (smooths out fine lines, has botanicals that activate plumpness)

Step 3: Multifunctional Skin Saver in your skin shade to plump the under eye areas using niacin and other antioxidants

Here are some helpful tips below to have the best looking under eye area you can possibly have with what nature has blessed you with.

Which of the 5 enhancements did you pick to work on this month?

Living longer
Living longer

Comment below.

Remember, .1% everyday = 12% increase in 1 month and 37.5% increase in 1 year. You got this Champïone! XOXO

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