3 Healthy Ways to Deepen Intimacy with Myself and My Skin

Deepen Intimacy: Skin & Self | Champïone Tips

The skin emanates the health and comfort that we feel inside. The skin gives clues when there is an internal dilemma that is expressed on the skin. I love working with the skin because it completely gives itself away when there is an imbalance.

Having intimacy with myself.. hmm what does that even mean?

Honoring myself

Being honest with myself

Trusting my inner guidance

Getting curious and growing

1. Repressed and Reactive Intimacy

intimacy with myself

When our intimacy is repressed, we may feel excluded, become a victim, or even blame others. This can look like blaming the food you eat as the reason why you may have eczema, the reason you are overweight, the reason you constantly have acne breakouts.

This can look like becoming a victim of our past stories of how your parents treated you, your poor upbringing, your abusive romantic partners as to why you are currently struggling. This can look like excluding ourselves from opportunities to grow in business, in love, in health because you feel you don't deserve it. I am compassionate to these feelings. They are all valid. However, if we are building up our intimacy we must take our power back.

When our intimacy is reactive, it can result in anger. When we meet rejection we may become outraged and exclude ourselves from events, people, situations, etc.

2. Being Vulnerable for Intimacy with Myself

Being vulnerable is the secret sauce to intimacy. It breaks down the barriers to intimacy by being vulnerable.

Being vulnerable with what you may ask?

Well admitting where our shortcomings are. Being honest with ourselves and then being able to be honest with others. This can look something like...
"Our skin is not as radiant as it once was, what is going on inside of me?"

"I am not self-pleasuring my most intimate parts, why have I lost touch?"

"I am not celebrating myself anymore, whats going on?"

"i have not kept the promises i made, like working out or even doing the beauty rituals, why?"

"I haven't been pouring into myself and am constantly feeling tired, what can i do different?"

"I am not feeling confident and magnetic in group settings, what has changed?"

Personal Experience: Intimacy with Myself

intimacy with self

For example, for me personally, I have often been called an “oversharer” because I’ve never really been afraid to share intimate details about my life. 

I do have lines I don’t cross, of course, but I do tend to be more open, honest, and willing to risk emotional rejection than a lot of people. 

And, holy shit, has that created so much freaking pain in my life. 

It took me a long time to understand that, but now I have learned this year "you share with people who’ve earned the right to hear your story".

So take a moment to look at your inner world. Where is there lacking intimacy? Is it through your senses (how you touch, caress, care for, honor....yourself)

Knowing yourself can really help you attract all that you want so much easier. That is what intimacy with yourself is.

Being able to tell the truth, even if it hurts, to yourself and to others. Communicate your needs and desires to yourself and those you share your life with. Apologize when you are wrong. When you have caused pain onto yourself or another person in your life even if it is not always your fault.

3. Pondering Questions to Journal About to Strengthen Intimacy with Yourself

Champïone Intimacy with Myself Homework

    • Do I have the maximum potential of Intimacy with my mind, body, skin and soul ?

    • Do I have maximum potential of intimacy with my romantic partners, my family, my friendships, my coworkers, and my children?

    • Where have I been Honest in my life that I am proud of? What have I been dishonest about that I am not proud of?

    • What are my fears that I don't like to open up about?

    • Where have I placed blame on others when I could have taken radical self responsibility?

    • How are my emotions about myself affecting my intimacy with myself? With others?

    • Do i take Responsibility for everything that happens in my life?

    • Is what I am Attracting currently beneficial for me?

    • How am I excluding myself from situations that could be opportunities?

    • Is everything in my life right now Smooth Sailing? IF it is not, what can i do to head that direction?

A great resource that we use as a Champïone to get a deeper understanding of who we are and how we work is to use the Gene Keys. Here are some free resources to discover more about yourself IF you would like a deeper reading please set up a complimentary appointment with me here to dive deeper into your Gene Keys. Get your complimentary session with Violet HERE.


Intimacy with yourself is a life's work. it requires discipline. To get back up fast even if you feel the pain. Read the amazing resource on how to increase by 37.5% HERE.

You are born an original. No one has your fingerprint. Your eyes. Don't die a copy. There's no one else like you. Do not discount yourself.

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