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New Year, New Skin - No More Dull Skin

New Year Skin Resolution: No More Dull Skin | Champïone Blog

Dull skin

Dull skin is one thing we would rather leave behind in 2021. From new “Super Ingredients” to trending Vegan Beauty Products, here is 2022’s hot list. 

With the new year here, we are here to make new year skin resolutions! 

We have rounded up some great tips and amazing product recommendations to get our skin illuminated in 2022. The main objective is to look and feel our best. Proper skin can give us that extra boost of confidence

Now here are 2 ingredients, new to the health & beauty market, which can make 2022 your best year yet.

Tree Resin and Tree Sap are THE New Super Ingredients of 2022...

What is special about Tree Resins?

Tree Resin is the representation of a healthy, long-living tree. Resins have been used for ages to heal wounds, because it is antibacterial and antiseptic. This is very good for dull skin, dry skin, damaged skin, inflamed skin, eczema prone skin, acne prone skin, and aging skin. 
Now you can find these powerful new to the world ingredients in Champïone products.
Tree resins do not decay and prevent corruption in a wound of the tree and the human skin. Furthermore, trees produce resins when it is injured and resin oozes from the wound to fill and seal the damaged skin as it heals.

Resin properties • Astringent • Antiseptic • Cleansing

No more Dull Skin

I would like to introduce a newly discovered brand and its founder utilizing these Super Ingredients…

Champïone by Mileva

Violeta Mileva Optimized
Founder and Chief Research and Development

Let me introduce you to a new and upcoming conscious beauty brand called Champïone. 

What does Champïone encompass?

conscious beauty

  • Champïone is designed for people to live in equilibrium, with the help of the natural world. 
  • Champïone is a multi-purposeful brand, that saves us time and space in our busy lives. 
  • Champïone provides a roadmap of using our mind, body, and skin to take control of our own health’s destiny

5 Reasons why I choose Champïone:

Friends having fun

  1. Champïone’s products are Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Synthetic Free.
  2. Champïone’s products are Pure and Raw by using Cold Pressed Oils
  3. Champïone’s products are Backed by science
  4. Champïone utilizes the Schumann Resonance and Planetary Alignment during formulation
  5. Champïone’s founder and researcher cares tremendously about the quality and purity of her products. She backs that up with a 100% money back guarantee.

New Year New Skin

Champïone’s Products

Champïone Products
All their products are safe, effective, and have immediate results!

The tree resins in Champïone products are loaded with minerals, nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, and more to heal your skin quickly and effectively without any harsh side effects.

• We wanted to do something different and unique, which is why we utilize “Nature’s Antibiotic”. The trees have been using this natural antibiotic for centuries! 

• Present day, the efforts to find new therapeutics, such as new antibiotics, is shifting back to the natural world. Approximately 70% of the scientifically tested pharmaceuticals that we use nowadays for various medical conditions, still originates from the natural world.

We have brought it safely, for you, here in our line of products for skin healing. Enjoy the products below for all your health & skin needs!

Skin Saver result
Skin Saver result

dry skin testimonial
dry skin testimonial

Panacea Potion Scarring Result
Panacea Potion Scarring Result

Most Popular Products


organic products blog scaled

Multifunctional Skin Saver (daytime use)

~ The 5-in-1 skincare marvel with herbal & floral pigments.

~ Moisturizer, Sun Protection, Anti-aging, Glow, and Cover Up all-in-one

~Tinted Moisturizer

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Panacea Potion 1 Optimized
Panacea Potion 1 Optimized

Panacea Potion (anytime use)

Youth Longevity Serum

~ An ultra-concentrated night serum that sustain your youth with every drop using tree resins.

salve it all
Panacea Potion 1 Optimized

Salve it All - Beauty Balm Concentrate (night-time cream)

~ Nature’s Antiseptic balm featuring key ingredients from some of the most concentrated tree resins in the world; ultra-concentrated

Champione products enhance the gorgeousness of the real you! They heal & repair, they sustain & nourish and they teach you to heed your own body's messages. Getting to that place is empowering. It is confident. And it is beautiful.

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We only covered part of what Champïone has to offer the world. Are you interested in more? Do you want to discover more secrets about your Mind, Body & Skin?
Head over to Champïone’s website:, sign up for their monthly Newsletter and download the free E-book!
That is it for today. I hope this read was entertaining. I wish everybody a healthy New Year and do give them a follow over at Instagram @championebymileva

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