Meditative Mantras to get rid of Acne

Clear Skin Mantras: Beat Acne with Meditative Affirmations

Champïone Beats Acne

A few mantras you can recite and repeat daily to eliminate acne out of your life. Feel free to choose your favorite or make up your very own. Make sure you repeat it daily:

  • My skin is smooth and clear.

  • My skin is thriving and shining with health.

  • My skin is cleansed and breathing with life.

  • I am illuminated by how quickly my skin has repaired!

  • I feel confident and happy when I look in the mirror.

  • I am blessed with clear and radiant skin!

  • My skin is getting better and better everyday!

  • My skin is strong and my mind is brilliant.

  • I remember when I had acne. Now my skin is clear!

  • People compliment my skin all the time!

  • My skin makes me SOOO happy!

  • I look at my skin with love!

  • I release toxins in my body and it reflects in my clear skin

  • I nourish my body and skin with good food and exercise.

  • My environment stimulates health and repents toxicity!

  • The sunrise fills my pores with cleansing energy and confidence! I have achieved my skin goals!

  • I tune in to what my skin needs!

  • I am grateful for everything.

  • I let go of all that is hurting my soul and it shows on my skin!

Acne on forehead
Acne on forehead


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