Tree Resins & Tree Saps for Serious Skin Benefits

Tree Resins for Skin: Natural Healing Power

Tree resin and tree sap is the representation of a healthy and long-living tree. Resins have been used for ages to heal wounds, because it is antibacterial and antiseptic. This is very good for dry skin, damaged skin, inflamed skin, eczema prone skin, acne prone skin, and aging skin. Now we have brought this powerful new to the world formula that contains some of the most powerful tree resins in the world. Check out which products HERE

Resins Used Through History for Wound Healing

The oldest accounts of the therapeutic effects of tree resin stem from ancient Egypt, where a salve from resin was used to treat burns (Cockshott WP: The history of the treatment of burns. Surg Gynecol Obstet 1956; 102: 116.)

The Norway spruce (P. abies) resin has been used in folk medical therapy that has been used for centuries in Nordic countries. Resin is still used as a treatment for local bacterial and fungal infections in humans, such as wounds, ulcers, abscesses, burns, and onychomycosis by using the

In Mesopotamia, according to Majno (1975), wounds were washed with water or milk and were dressed with resin. In Scandinavia, it is a HUGE beauty secret as well with its ever-expanding list of health and beauty benefits.

Tree Resin and Eczema Relief

Although treatment with resin is an old folkloristic therapy and experience over time has shown the effectiveness of resin for various treatments, and now researchers have conducted systematic studies of its effectiveness and mechanisms of action.

Tree Resins and Skincare

The Salve-it all contains these resins with an easy to apply formula. It is not simply for rashes. It’s also an effective healing agent on cuts and bruises, helps to draw out splinters, dry and cracked skin, the list goes on.

What are tree resins and tree saps?

Champïone Wild Cedar Resin

Resin protects plants against a wide range of plant pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, protozoans, archaea, and parasites.

Resin is a hydrocarbon secretion of coniferous trees that protects plants against a wide range of invasive pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, protozoans, archaea, and parasites.

Resins do not decay and prevent corruption in a wound.

Furthermore, trees product resins when it is injured and resin oozes from the wound to fill and seal it as it heals.

Resin properties - Astringent, Antiseptic, and Cleansing


The patients are assigned to resin salve treatment within the control visit at the surgical outpatient department. The primary outcome measures were the rate of wound healing and the number of days to complete wound healing. The study result was a healing rate of 100% of chronic surgical wounds within a mean healing time of 43 days.

Natural coniferous tree resin salve used to treat complicated surgical wounds: pilot clinical trial on healing and costs. Sipponen A, Kuokkanen O, Tiihonen R, Kauppinen H, Jokinen JJInt J Dermatol. 2012 Jun; 51(6):726-32.

Sensitivity to natural resins in terms of allergic contact dermatitis is possible but infrequent, occurring in ∼1–3% of the population.

(Jokinen, J. J., & Sipponen, A. (2016). Refined Spruce Resin to Treat Chronic Wounds: Rebirth of an Old Folkloristic Therapy. Advances in wound care5(5), 198–207.


The resin is healing the tree, so your first consideration is to leave plenty for the tree after collecting. Use your knife to scape just the outer layer of resin from the tree

Tree sap and tree resin are not the same. Sap is more watery than resin, which is thick and amber color. Coniferous or evergreen trees like pine, cedar and Douglas fir produce both sap and tree resin. All trees produce sap to a considerable degree. However, resin exists mainly in trees that belong to the Pinaceae family of trees.

The tree resins in Champïone products are loaded with minerals, nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, and more to heal your skin quickly and effectively without any harsh side effects.

We wanted to do something different and unique and utilize "Nature's Antibiotic" the trees have been using for centuries. Present day, the efforts to find new therapeutics, such as new antibiotics seem to have shifted back to the natural world. Approximately 70% of the scientifically tested pharmaceuticals that we use nowadays for various medical conditions still originate in the natural world. We have brought it safely for you here in our line of products for skin healing. Enjoy the products below for all your skin needs!

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