How To Apply the Famous Skin Saver

How to Apply Champïone’s Famous Skin Saver Perfectly

Multifunctional Skin Saver in Organic Shades Dark, Median, Light, and Universal

This is how you apply the Famous Skin Saver. There is a recommended application process for the Skin Saver that is unlike what is out there in the market. 

Make sure your skin and fingers are clean.

(Optional) Begin by priming your face with a Primer.

If you live in a humid climate, or have oily skin, want the Skin Saver to last all day, we highly recommend not to skip this step. The Committed Primer also gives the moist foundation that is a perfect immediate follow up with the Skin Saver. 

Facial Primer 1
Facial Primer 1

Our favorite is the Long-term commitment Primer. Get yours HERE

All botanical ingredients, helps completely matte your skin, and prevent visibility of any open wounds. Check out our ingredients HERE!

Multifunctional Skin Savers scaled scaled
Multifunctional Skin Savers scaled scaled

For the quick, on-the-go, not much effort needed kinda gal, you can apply the Skin Saver directly onto your skin, any place, any time. To feed your skin all day long with less than a minute of effort.

2nd Step. Apply Multifunctional Skin Saver. Comes in three blend-able shades. Or a Universal Shade. Get yours HERE.

You have 2 options. You can chose between your handy dandy fingers or a sponge to apply the Skin Saver.

Scoop pea sized amount and dab into skin.


Skin Savers Microdose
Skin Savers Microdose


Dab into skin until you have saturated the desired area.

If you’d prefer, you can use a sponge. I like my fingers as I feel I am always in a rush. 

Remember a little goes along way. 

Finally finish off with a setting powder such as this one or any natural rice powder you may have in your home.

I hope you are NOW confident and ready to use the simple and easy Skin Saver. Don’t forget it during these hot summer months at the beach! Provides just the right amount of sun kissed :) Get the 2 for 1 Special while you can!!

Fountain of Youth Dry Body Oil
Fountain of Youth Dry Body Oil

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