Lymph Nodes and Skin Longevity

Lymph Nodes & Skin Longevity: Unlocking Youthful Glow

Lymph Nodes & Skin Longevity: Unlocking Youthful Glow

This has been talked about for over 5,000 years in many traditions. Coming from a family of doctors, the lymphatic system is just as important as gut health for living a long and youthful life.

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What is the Lymphatic System?

It is basically like a river bringing nutrients to the arteries and most importantly, the heart. IF you've ever gotten sick or a sore throat, you feel the lymph nodes in your neck swell up. If your lymph system is not healthy, it will swell. Our great intelligent body gives us clues :) So the lymphatic system carries out toxins, and brings in good nutrients like proteins and other cells to get right back to wellness!

Why is Lymph important for Skin Health?

By activating this big system and getting it to drain out its dirty contents of toxins, bacteria, and other bodily fluids it helps our organs function better, notably the largest organ of the body – your SKIN.

The lymphatic system doesn’t have an organ to move fluids and flush lymph fluids on its own, so toxins and bodily waste can build up in the lymph nodes. Poor lymph circulation can result in congestion in the jawline. As the lymph nodes increase and build up (since they act as filters), they get full and clogged that’s when you get a puffy face. Because the lymph system needs regular movement to work, it requires us to manually drain it. So we need to be active and have natural body movement and massage.

Here are some amazing ways to nurture your Lymph system for a longer more beautiful life with our skin, and overall internal and physical wellness.

Champïone High Frequency Wand and Lymph Drainage

A great tool of a magic wand that assists us in removing these toxins regularly from our body is our High Frequency Wand. Microcurrent helps to restore and repair our skin producing healthier skin cells in a short period of time. Your skin looks brighter and rejuvenated. Your skin looks less puffy.

Microcurrent delivers instant lifting, through this process of gentle manipulation. Increased circulation feeds our cells. It oxygenates and helps with cellular turnover and when toxins build up and cause the lymph nodes (body filter), to get clogged. Then our cells are not capable to function and nourish our body and skin. Moving toxins out of the body will result in less puffiness and inflammation overall. This will also improve the overall clarity and elasticity of our skin and since toxins and bacteria cause other skin problems such as breakouts and allergies, lymphatic drainage is beneficial for acne and asphyxiated skin and nasal congestion.

Sinus Congestion and Microcurrent

Microcurrent (the High Frequency Wand) also acts like dynamite on sinus pain and congestion. Since this drains out excess water and toxins, it stimulates and clears the passageways. Many CHAMPÏONE'S feel the difference immediately.

Use our Wand with direct contact, or even better with some spacing (about 1/2 of an inch) to create more of that healing micro-current and ozone.

Go in the direction toward you heart. Make sure you use one of the conducting powders HERE!

Here is a body map for reference :

✨Ideas: Every day for the next two weeks, do this daily around all of your lymph nodes to assist the process. When you tend to this process with satisfaction, your mind, body, and skin will become all that you want them to be!

Dry Brush Lymph Massage

Light pressure is all it takes, not deep tissue because the lymphs are right below the skin.

?Key is to brush toward your heart.

What kind of pressure do you apply?

It should be firm but should not cause you any pain - you are not scrubbing. Your skin will be pinkish when done - but if your skin is irritated, you were applying way too much pressure - lighter my dear! How long? 5 - 20 minutes! 

When your lymphatic system is functioning well, you should notice clearer skin. It simply is amazing how connected the body and all of its systems are. Honestly, for optimal health it really is important to understand how everything is connected! 

Jumping Up and Down Exercise

90% of the lymph flows through the chest cavity to be processed by the liver. So exercise here comes into play. I love using my Kangoo Jumps (get here) because it is like being on a trampoline and running at the same time! SO much fun. Even a trampoline would work or jumping up and down. While you're jumping and landing down, the fluid will stay up and be quickly processed.

Yoga Inversions

Eat Bright Foods

Try an algae sourced supplement such as spirulina, chlorella, or other types of seaweed. Incorporate berries especially cranberries to your diet. They have incredible detoxifying properties.

Deep Breathing

Some incredible breaths whether it's rapid nose breathing (Ujjayi breathing), mouth breathing (deep slow breathing, or breath of fire (pranayama), this is like the pump for your lymph fluid. Simple and effective. and Finish with some yummy crystallized living water such as Alka Pie Water and you'll be flowing smoothly for years to come!

And this is how we make Champïones ?

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