Mind Projection Champïone Game

Transform Your Perception: Mind Projection Champïone Game


Today, a single principle of change will be practiced. It is this: "How I want the world to be is the sole determiner of how I will think it is. Today I wish everything well. The content of all thought and therefore of all situations is one of two states: peace or conflict, comfort or anxiety, gentleness or attack. The content is entirely subject to your
will, but external circumstances, if dealt with separately, cannot be controlled. What you
"like" in any situation is its content and not its form. And you alone determine content. But the content will not change as long as you use your mind to attack the outward form. Since every thought you think appears in some external form within your experience, today's game is designed to make this cause
and effect relationship more obvious. Briefly stated, the rule is that form follows content,
therefore only content need ever be considered.



The Master has invented a "mind projector," and, knowing that you could possibly be influenced by the widely held belief that minds are located inside heads, he has installed it at the center of your forehead. If you will reach up now and feel just one inch above the bridge of your nose, you will see for yourself what an excellent job he did in disguising it as just another paper-thin layer of your skin.

Naturally, this projector is thought-activated. Simply wish it on rather than turn it on. By playing with it for a moment, you will notice it has two features: a light signal and a corrector switch.

1. The light signal reveals the inner nature of the flow of external events. Instead of having to rely on old positions such as don't like to eat squash" or "I like to read mysteries," by using this feature you will no longer have to decide beforehand about anything, nor will you have to judge something, or someone, by what its appearance reminds you of. In fact, any pre-judging on your part will probably prevent you from noticing the projector's quiet evaluation of the inner tone of the situation you are in. This tone or inner quality will be signaled to you in the following way: A continuous and gently expanding light will
mean that the content is wholly love. Flashes of light and darkness in which the degree of
light steadily declines will be your sign that the inner tone of the situation is conflicted
and fear dominated. The mind projector will cast one of these two light signals on everything you see, so that even though the change may at first seem subtle, it will be unmistakable if you are looking for it.

2. If you don't like the content of your present circumstances, by activating the corrector switch you can change it to a content you will enjoy and yet leave the appearance of things unmanipulated. "Unmanipulated' means you feel free for outward appearances to change naturally without you having any preference or even interest in their course. You will know if you have activated the switch when you can sense quite clearly that everyone around you is also comfortable and happy. However, if you still believe there is an advantage, or even a slight benefit, to you for anyone else to continue experiencing the content of the situation as afflicting, the mind projector will honor your wish and not permit the switch to be activated.

Merely wish the corrector switch "on" and immediately the content of your thought, and therefore the content of the outward situation, will turn from fear to love, from conflict to comfort. But remember, please, you must wish it activated for everyone in the situation.

Thoughts set the goal and therefore start the traveler on his way. Thoughts make the pathway smooth or rough and determine the time of arrival. Every thought is but a step in some direction and a destination reached through pain or peace. Thoughts include consequences, and their results are immediate. It is this thought, and not the one before, that is the practical object of attention, yet the direction of the stream of thought remains unchanged until a new goal is set.


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