Champïone Full Body Gift Set

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Salve it All Micro (Any time use)

An ultra-concentrated balm featuring key ingredients from some of the most concentrated tree resins in the world, such as:
  • Benzoin resin (Relieves Skin Discomfort)
  • Tolu Balsam (Calming Redness)
  • Cedar Resin (Antiseptic Anti-inflammatory)
  • Dragons Blood (Rich Antioxidant)
  • Frankincense (Astringent)
  • Storax (Protects Skin), all super powerful resins to restore your skin
  • Blue Spirulina for that extra soothing comfort even for the most delicate and troubled skin conditions
Bottom Line: The Salve it All outperforms the functions of a generic antibiotic cream, with the ingredients historically reserved for kings and queens

Panacea Youth Serum (Night time use)

This Panacea Youth Serum is the most concentrated of all containing an incredible number of useful substances: vitamins, micronutrients, macronutrients, proteins, all 19 amino acids, carbohydrates, and fats necessary for the health and youth of your skin that assist in natural healing of your skin during the night.

Tree sap comes out of the trunk when the tree is self-healing its bark. These world-renowned tree resins do the exact same thing for your skin.

Fountain of Youth Dry Body Oil

A dry body oil designed to target dryness that will keep you polished all day long providing you with all of the proteins your skin needs. Formulated to moisturize without any oily residue on the skin with the finest cold-pressed botanicals.

Hair Growth Serums

A combination of personal skincare that enhances appearance, along with an additional therapeutic experience for the user -An impeccable value. This experience will stimulate the user’s mind, body and skin. These extracts and herbs have been used for centuries to stimulate hair growth, spur attractiveness, and fuel healthy hair . See the results tab for Champïone’s accomplishment.

BONUS: 3 Specialty Gifts Included and Varied in Packages 


Who is this for

Anyone who desires to take control and improve the health of their skin and hair. Someone who seeks an organic product that will salve their skin ailments, and replace their old regime with a healthy one.

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