Champïone Skincare Travel Set

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Champïone's all-in-one Travel Set includes a complete, daily regimen, suitable for all skin types to help achieve healthy, glowing skin:

Skin Tone: Light

High Frequency Skincare Travel Set For You…

What is this?

This is the perfect travel size skincare system that includes everything for rapid skin healing needs...on-the-go! Champïone's all-in-one kit includes a complete, daily regimen, suitable for all skin types to help achieve healthy, glowing skin.

How it works?

Begin your morning skincare regimen with the Panacea Potion, formulated with nourishing cold pressed cedar nut oil, then follow with the Multifunctional Skin Saver (in your shade) , a tinted moisturizer that protects your skin from the sun and gives a nice botanical coverage. Finish your night with the Panacea Potion while your skin is MOIST, and apply the Salve-it-all for intense moisturizing  and removing dead skin cells, while hydrating the Salve locks in moisture with tree resins.

Customer Reviews

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I like this portable travel set as it has samples of the Panacea Potion, Skin Saver and Salve to try out before purchasing a larger size of each. The Skin Saver comes in a tube that melds well with makeup and/or as a standalone product. I've been using the Salve and Panacea potion for some time and am happy with them too.


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Eryn Letnyr

So cute the packaging! I got it because I didn't know which full size product was right for me. I have fine lines and need coverage so I ordered the Panacea and Skin Saver big size after trying this


This is the perfect gift I got for my wife and she struggles with dermatitis. The Salve it all is already giving her relief it is unbelievable !!
I have even secretly used the gold Panacea Serum. Recommend to anyone who wants to try to start with this set

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