Fountain of Youth Dry Body Oil

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This Fountain of Youth Dry Body Oil will nourish your skin, bring it luster, and moistness all day long without the oily residue. Contains over 9 emollient ingredients that will keep you polished all day long. Naturally fragranced with cold-pressed botanicals from organic Violets, Roses, and Almonds for that sensual smell.
Furthermore, our splash of luster will keep you sun-kissed bronzé 365 days a year.
4 fl. oz./120 mL
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For You…

After weeks of testing, here it is. The dry body oil that is multifunctional, as well as edible. Use it after the shower, for a well deserved partner massage, for tanning, for all your buttery skin needs. Naturally fragranced with cold pressed extracts of Organic Violets, Roses, and Almonds.  fall in love with scent, texture, and sensuality

What is this?

A dry body oil designed to target dryness that will keep you polished all day long. Formulated to moisturize without any oily residue on the skin with the finest cold-pressed botanicals. Check Out : The Unspoken Truth About Banishing Cellulite: Your Path To Timeless Beauty

Why You Need This

Save time and space in your cabinets. Extensive use of these products gift an array of properties and benefits –skin deep. A combination of personal skincare that enhances appearance along with healing properties that even out skin tone, conceal secrets, and improve skin’s appearance simultaneously. Continuous use of this potion induces a silky and replenished complexion. Skin that is freshly firm and nutritive. Skin that possesses a radiant youthful shine that glows when kissed upon the sun, while protecting from those risky UV rays ** Includes 5% Zinc Oxide Sun Protection. Assists to strengthen and protect your skin all day long. Safe enough for the ocean, the coral reefs, and your health.

Who is this for

Made for people who have skin sensitivities, skin allergies, and irritations. For male or female who desires to take control and improve the health of their skin. Someone in search of developing an attractive external appearance, but also achieving longevity with good health long-term.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nikki Han

Make sure to shake it up!! My skin glows like crazy!
and my hubby loves to kiss me after I put it on he loves the taste

Jessica Shu

IT smells so yummy. My skin soaks it up. I dislike when oils sit on my skin, this body oil DOES NOT!! My skin is glowing and my tan comes out so good. You still need sunscreen, but my skin is so0o0o moisturized, never dry when I leave the beach. Thanks Violet! Loved meeting you at Pacific Palisades.

Manuela Weidle

Love love love. My skin feels so soft and nourished and I feel like my stretch marks are less visible.

Ayzia Rev.

I am so satisfied with this. I feel so juicy when I put it on after a shower, and feel super confident when I am at the beach! It blurs imperfections. Top product favorite of mine

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