High Frequency Skin Wand + 3 Skin Masks

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Would you like a natural skin enhancement?
A natural face lift and reverse signs of unhealthy skin?
Would you like to take control of your skin health?
Take control of your skin health now with The Champïone Skin Rejuvenation Wand, the perfect at Home Facial Device Companion.
Includes all 3 Champïone Magical Masks: Clear Skin Mask, Even Me Out Mask and Soften Me Up Mask.

  • Skin High Frequency Wand Uses ozone to sterilize the skin and kill acne-causing bacteria
  • Increases skin metabolism to healthy cell function and promote skin healing
  • Reduce acne, scars and redness with the professional level at-home tool proven to give you clear, radiant skin
  • Strengthens cell functions to improve the clarity and quality of your skin, giving it a more beautiful and youthful appearance
  • Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and tightening
  • Visibly brightens skin tone and complexion for healthy, radiant skin
  • Drastically improve the absorption of your skincare products into your skin so you can get the most out of them
  • Neon Gas Electrodes – Emit an electrical current that generates bacteria-killing oxygen
  • Customizable Dial -Can be used to increase or decrease the electrical current for your comfort
  • Customizable Node Wands-  allows you to target areas in hard-to-reach curves of the face, body, and scalp
  This Skin Frequency Wand operates at a low wattage level at less than 10 watts and a high oscillation rate of over 100,000 Hz  

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Customer Reviews

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Dana Hacker

Loving my high frequency wand. I love the versatility of all the attachments. It is great quality and super easy to use. I am super excited to use this on my clients scalps inside my salon along with the amazing scalp oils. Love that these products are amplifying the healing for all!

Ajita P

I was introduced to this company at the Conscious Life Expo, purchased the set. I have used this machine for 2 months now and the difference is DAY to NIGHT! My lines are minimized, my face does not look as tired, and my pores look smaller. I feel like my face shape is more defined. I mix the Salve it All with the powders and use it almost everyday (as per the gentleman recommendations) If you are thinking about it, worth every penny!

LifeChanger Vixen

So far I am loving this product! Just after 1 use I noticed the difference the next day. My skin just looked more hydrated and better rested. I had changed nothing from my face routine and noticed a significant difference. I LOVE it and the MASKS! Helps the machine glide so easy. It may be subtle but I can tell. This is exactly what I was looking for. I was planning on spending thousands on microneedling but decided to wait. I am in my mid 30s and have always looked a lot younger than my age (people tend to think I’m between 18-25). Recently I noticed some sun spots, hormonal acne, and just overall complexion decline. I used this on a couple new breakouts and after two days they look drastically different than if I had a breakout a few weeks ago. This wand is my new secret! I will add that I’m also taking spearmint capsules for balancing of hormones. This also could be adding to the changes but I doubt it since it typically takes a bit to get in your system. Who knows but I will definitely not stop the routine I am currently on.

Miriam Aleq

My skin was a little red afterward. (I'm fair skinned, so I expected that.) Feels a little tingly. Was very easy to use and seems to have had an immediate noticeable difference with clogged pores. Scars will take time if this helps. I took out one star for the smell of ozone.

Olivia Aihe

I got this based on theory, thinking it was just wishful thinking it would leave a positive effect.
This thing works! It has given my skin a “renewed” appearance and nobody told me that it gets rid of spider veins in my ankle!
I am going to buy some as gifts.

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