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Get Rid of Morning Grumpiness Now

Banish Morning Grumpiness | Simple Stretching Tips

Get Rid of Morning Grumpiness Now!!

Grumpy Today? Get rid of that and look forward to your day with this simple stretch. Find out how to set your intentions to get the most out of your day.

We all have been there before. We woke up grumpy due to a combination of reasons, for example, frustration, tiredness, irritability, bad dreams, and routine. Then throughout our day, we have muscle aches and pains from everything we bottle up. Going forward, we attract a spiral of unfortunate events. Sound familiar? Get rid of all of that and look forward to your day with this simple stretch.

My version of sun salutations that actually stretches out my booty and centers me after a night of uncomfortable sleep. Sometimes I have off days. When I wake up grumpy and do not allow myself to do my ceremony with the sun, everything tumbles and burns to the ground.


I've come to the realization that it is because I do not spend my first moments outdoors on Mother Earth’s embracing ground.We live in a world where we do not even take a few moments to ourselves to gather our thoughts, feel our bodies speak of their uncomfortable state, and hear our hearts speak.

Being outside has become something that only “hippies” do or old fashioned people, but while you’re out there you never know what you might see. Stop thinking it’s too hot, or mosquitos, sweat, blah blah blah.

Think of as children how much fun we had being outside. It makes me happy to see more people inspire each other to spend time outside.


Stretching can be considered a neurological panacea.

We can take a look at grumpiness from a science standpoint and see what happens to our bodies when we wake up. Experts state that, “People who suffer from morning grumpiness is a sign of an over-scheduled life, with too little sleep and not enough things that brings joy on a day to day basis.” We want to be happy everyday we wake up. Happiness comes from within and cannot be obtained by making the world conform to your desires. Each individual wants to wake up with a defined meaning for living life and finding happiness. Why do you think some people find fulfilment in life, purpose, and meaning while others do not? Ask and you shall see a similar pattern.

Human thinking is a metaphor


Human thinking depends on metaphor. We understand new or complex things in relation to things we already know. Many ancient teachings recorded in history use metaphors to guide their thinking. Buddha for example compared the mind to a wild elephant.

“In days gone by this mind of mine used to stray wherever selfish desire or lust or pleasure would lead it. Today this mind does not stray and is under the harmony of control, even as a wild elephant is controlled by the trainer” (Haidt, 2006).

Metaphors help us envision film clips of our lives in a more superior way.

Emotions application in this simple stretch

All emotions have a feeling component, a sensory component, a thinking component, and an action component.

Let's apply this :


Feeling:When we start our stretch begin with imagining how you would feel if you attract what you want today our of your day

∞ extraordinary, empowered, energized, enlightened, enthusiastic, courageous, passionate, playful, worthy, receptive, loving, etc.

Sensory: Match that with a scent that makes you feel extraordinary

∞smell a flower, your favorite perfume, burn incense, candles, smell wood, good food, coffee etc.

connect this good smell back to the initial feeling.


Thinking:  Then begin to think about things that make you happy as you flow into the different positions of my version of this sun salutation.

∞think about puppies, kittens, a new born baby, being at the beach, being with family, Christmas, making love, being on vacation, etc.

Action: Lastly, connect the emotions with an action. This can be executed in a variety of ways, but what I like to do is every time I manifest my dreams into my physical world I do this sun salutation as a form of gratitude. Therefore, I associate these movements with positive results and reinforcements. I also perform a silly happy dance every time an action (big or small) attracts into my life just from a simple feeling put forth from my morning stretch.

Additional ways to help Mr. Grumpy fall off the saddle

Some of you might already know that if you want to avoid being grouchy and assist yourself in simplifying your morning rise is by stepping outside the moment you are awake. The sun shuts down the production of melatonin. If you spend one night outdoors your internal clock will sync up to the actual days and nights of Earth.

Based on some scientific studies, grumpiness can be caused from a few reasons. Being grumpy when you wake up can be a result of you not getting enough fruits and vegetables. Check out this morning yummy morning shake made to fuel you up (HERE)  Another reason you might be cranky is because you are dehydrated, or have not been in nature. Either way, there are multiple solutions since now you are aware at some of the reasons to the cause and most importantly resolutions!

Simplify. Life is Beautiful And Our Bodies Are A Work Of Art | Inversion Method and Hair Growth

Begin with something as simple as this video. Be outside in nature. Laugh. Smile. Jump up and down. Even if you don’t mean it, you can make your body believe so. Even hanging out upside down for a while can elevate your mood because this would increase the blood flow to your head. Furthermore, the inversion method also causes your hair follicles to reach maximum capacity and stimulate growth!!! That is enough reason for some of us to be hanging out upside down. Read more about the inversion method for hair growth (HERE)

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